Little Frisia Farms

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ROBERTS , Montana , 95468

Primary Contact: COLTER DEVRIES
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    Number: 406-425-1027

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    Number: 406-425-1027




Internship information
General Farm Description: "There are three ranches, each around 1,200 acres total. The first ranch is located between Roberts, Joliet, and Bridger Montana. This is mostly improved pasture and flood irrigated grasses. The second ranch is summer range grazing in rough sagebrush area between Edgar, Laurel, and the Crow Indian Reservation. The third is improved pastures and irrigated ground set beneath the grand Beartooth Mountains between Roberts and the historic resort town of Red Lodge. I too am a beginning farmer, managing the 110 year old family ranch, hoping to incorporate new practices all the while giving beginners and entrepreneurs of any age the opportunity to learn and develop their niche. Our current operation consists of 250 cow/calf, conventional set grazing and calving with about 30% of the animals being artificially inseminated on site by my younger brother. We flood irrigate about 400 acres for hay production, haying another 600 dry-land, and producing grain on 160 acres under pivot as well. Much of that is going to change in 2016; I am converting most of our flood to center pivot irrigation and implementing an intensive cell-grazing program on that ground while introducing cover crop mixes to the dry-land to leave for winter grazing. This "rest period" of allowing the dryland to mature, as well as intensive cattle rotations, presents an opportunity to bring in poultry grazing on about 2,200 acres. I am not interested in managing or financing a pastured poultry operation, but I am willing to help someone as much as I can in getting their start if they wanted to manage their own operation. I am planning to have our cow herd up to 400 head by this time next year. We have a 3 bedroom house to use in filling these positions, otherwise our housing situation may be a combination of sharing a room in one of our current houses. This really depends on the respondents situation and agreement made. We do not have woven wire fence for sheep, but eventually it will be necessary as I hope to incorporate more multi-species grazing. We have a barn, 3 good horses, and paddocks if that would interest you. The horses are "green" and would need a lot of attention if you do not plan on bringing your own. There are also about 20 acres of tillable, flat, irrigated ground with good soil to support a wind tunnel if vegetables interest you. Pay, compensation, crop-share, etc can be discussed based on the arrangements that work best for everyone. I would like for someone to be skilled in social media to develop a ranch page and content campaign as I am in the works of developing a holistically raised, permaculture inspired, branded beef product from my cows using Belgian Blue genetics. Standard needs are fixing/improving fence while rotating the cattle to new pastures. Under an intensive program, the cattle on the pivot will be moved every 10-15 days using electric fence, dogs, and a four-wheeler. If you are here during calving, that is in March. Calving is also when we tag and vaccinate calves. Branding is in May. Artificial Insemination is in July. Spring is when I will be seeding the cover crop mixes. Spring is also when we start to prepare our ditches; cutting trees with a chainsaw, building banks with shovels and a ditcher pulled behind a tractor, and improving flow with an excavator. We will be very busy improving ditches this year having to implement these center pivots. The center pivot construction process is an opportunity you will be a part of as well. Setting up and administering cells for intensive grazing. Most of our cattle handling facilities are in poor condition and will need constant improvement through the summer; same for the range fences; we have good equipment to complete these tasks. Haying starts in late June and will continue through August. September will be seeding winter cover crops as well as more ditching, fencing, and corral projects. Expectations are determined by the arrangement that would work best for us both. We have extra tractors, pickups, and sheds so this is a good opportunity for a beginning farmer lacking the resources."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 3/1/2016
Internship Ends: 10/1/2016
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: 5/29/2016
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

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Meals: Breakfast


Housing: "provided, less utilities"

Preferred method of Contact: phone