Odiyan Buddhist Center

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Tin Barn Road

Cazadero , California , 15428

Primary Contact: Leigh Deering
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Primary Phone:
    Number: 510-981-1987
    Email: volunteer@odiyan.org

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Website: http://www.volunteer.odiyan.org


Internship information
General Farm Description: "About: Founded in 1975 by Venerable Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Odiyan Retreat Center is located on a 1000-acre spiritual and ecological preserve in rural Northern California, north of San Francisco. Odiyan is a 100% all volunteer non-profit. The primary missions of Odiyan are to preserve the sacred literature, art, teachings and transmission of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in America for the benefit of future generations and to help Buddhist centers and practitioners in Asia to thrive. Everyone at Odiyan is a volunteer. We take care of this sacred land, try to grow as much of our own food as we can, and take care of all the temples, landscaping, animals both domestic and wild. We are a DIY community! WE ARE SEEKING TWO GARDENER/FARMERS WITH EXPERIENCE! This is a great CHANCE TO HONE YOUR SKILLS AND CONTRIBUTE TO A BUDDHIST COMMUNITY."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 02-05-2018 or later
Internship Ends: 12/22/2018
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: 01-15-2018 or later
Minimum Length of Stay: "6 months, prefer whole season (9 months)"

Internship Details:

“Working at the Odiyan vegetable gardens is a unique experience that differs substantially from other farms. To start, you will be living and working in a community that practices a rigorous and disciplined lifestyle. Although Odiyan does not have resident monks and nuns, it is built like a monastery and there is a monastic quality to living at Odiyan with a six-days-a-week routine and not a lot of personal time, social time, or entertainment time. This lifestyle emphasizes focus, discipline, and endurance, rather than leisure or working in order to have 'time off'. You can participate in our weekly classes on Buddhist philosophy, teachings, and Tibetan yoga, and some of our monthly Buddhist ceremonies. Additionally, people who enjoy this way of living, working and developing themselves may be invited to engage more aspects of Odiyan's mission and vision in a longer term of residency following the first six months.

You do not need to be Buddhist or have a religious affiliation to volunteer at Odiyan. An interest in Buddhism is a plus but not a requirement.

You do need to be eager for a wholesome lifestyle of self-sufficiency, meaningful work, inner development, and taking responsibility

Visit www.volunteer.odiyan.org

For a more 'inside' view of Odiyan see us on Facebook: OdiyanBuddhistRetreatCenter.

Educational Opportunities: "Seeking two gardener/farmers to help maintain and develop 2 acres of mixed vegetable production The goal is to sustainably provide all the vegetables for our community of 40 people throughout the year. You will work with a small team to learn the basics of our setup, and you will have the space to experiment with and expand on any of our current projects. You will not be stepping into a work situation where you will always be told exactly what to do, or where you can follow long, well established routines. So this job will require a good deal of independent motivation, critical thinking, and problem solving. Working in the Odiyan Retreat Center vegetable gardens involves responsibilities similar in some ways to any small farm. You will start vegetable seedlings in our propagation greenhouse. You will prepare ground for planting, sometimes with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, sometimes with a tractor and plow. You will plant, sometimes direct sowing into prepared beds, sometimes hand transplanting. You will do lots of weeding, by hand and with tools like hoes, brushcutters, and mowers. You will build and maintain drip and sprinkler irrigation systems. You will harvest, wash, and bring produce to the kitchen, and sometimes freeze and can excess production. You will spend lots of time moving compost around, repairing fences, digging thistles, repairing broken pipes, planning crop rotations, making trellises, sorting potatoes. Another unique aspect of the Odiyan vegetable gardens is that there is no marketing. All produce is consumed on site by Odiyan residents. The food is simply harvested, washed, brought to the kitchen, and put in the fridge, freezer, or processed for long term storage (canning, pickling, drying, etc). The advantage here is that superficial cosmetic concerns can be mostly ignored, and there is room to experiment with unusual or unknown crops. The disadvantage is that there is no financial motivation to work. Therefore, you have to be strongly interested in growing food for its own sake, rather than for any financial or even social gain. This quality of independent motivation is generally important at Odiyan, and especially important for managing the vegetable gardens. You will be stepping into a work situation with good infrastructure, including a large greenhouse and two large hoop houses, large sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, three good wells, large compost operation, small egg poultry operation, small mushroom production, excellent tools, and large commercial kitchen with extensive food preparation and preservation capacities. One of our goals is the integration of these resources into efficient food producing systems. Another goal is to extend these systems through the winter to provide 12 months of harvest. "

Skills Desired: REQUIREMENTS: Minimum age of 25 years old. Minimum commitment of 6 months with preference for those able to stay the whole season (9 months). Background in vegetable gardening. Physical strength and stamina for the manual labor of garden work. Comfortable with living a a religious community.

Meals: Free home-cooked vegetarian meals and beverages

Stipend: "$75 per month for the first 6 months, $150 per month thereafter."

Housing: "Free home-cooked vegetarian meals and beverages. Free housing in a large room with balcony. Free WI-FI and domestic phone calls. A living allowance of $75 per month, $150 per month after six months Access to a healthy setting of nature, trails, swimming, wide-open spaces, sacred beauty, fresh air, clean water, and nutritious food. Free Classes on Development of Mind & Spirit: Tibetan yoga, Skillful Means, Buddhist study and more."

Preferred method of Contact: phone or email