Owl Ridge Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
450 New Unionville Rd

Wallkill , New York , 97536

Primary Contact: Marly Hornik
Secondary Contact:

Primary Phone:
    Number: 518-567-2898
    Email: Mermaidmama@outlook.com

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Internship information
General Farm Description: "Owl Ridge Farm is both a working permaculture farmstead, and a 103 acre sanctuary for developing right relationship with each other and all of life. Our farm includes organic annual vegetable and flower gardens, developing food forests, silvopastured Oberhasli and Alpine goats, berry patches, many wild medicine plants and mushrooms, and old and new fruit trees. We homeschool our three children here, and as well are the caretakers of a 7 acre beaver pond, many mysterious ancient stone structures, and simple off-grid guest rentals for people seeking a meditative retreat in nature. We direct marketing goat milk lotions, soaps, and cheeses locally. We are a developing intentional community based on the original Earth-ways, currently with 2 households. We are a completely drug and alcohol-free property. We love to relax at night around the fire talking story, cooking, and singing."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 5/1/2019
Internship Ends: 11/1/2019
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: 5/1/2019
Minimum Length of Stay:

Internship Details:
Educational Opportunities: "Developing awareness of the natural world and how to nurture and caretake all that is here, learning to manage the many different aspects of family and farm life, learning collective decision making, taking time for spiritual nurturance and development in nature, Seed starting to abundant garden to Root cellar, canning, fermenting and drying harvests, herbal medicine gathering and preparation, following a lunar cycle for planting, soil testing and organic amendment, no-till gardening, working with naturally raised goats in many wonderful ways: feeds, mineralization, rotating silvopastured fencing (and witnessing the incredible transformation they bring to a previously abandoned landscape!), milking, basic chessemaking, soap and lotion making, rotating permanent housing to develop garden and forest garden sites, care of pregnant does, kidding, disbudding, and hoof trimming. 2018 also brings many exciting projects including construction of a hugelkultur based dome greenhouse with pond, creating a snake-proof duck enclosure and paradise, further developing goat product sales through Farmer's market, beginning construction of swales for gather and utilizing run-off water, and further developing off-grid cabins for rental. Be part of a unique group of creative, passionate, curious, resourceful people learning how to be self-sustaining, getting off-grid, designing and building health and fulfillment into family and community life, transforming abandoned land into an abundant, biodiverse, joyous sanctuary. Enjoy friendly, trusting animal relationships, hear owls and wolves, see our large snapping turtle family lay eggs, take long quiet walks in nature, see lots of rainbows....all near the end of a dead-end road, abutting thousands of acres of state land, 15 minutes from shopping, access to the entirety of Hudson valley cultural opportunities, 90 minutes from midtown Manhattan."

Skills Desired: "5 day workweek. Ability to manage 16' steel panel fencing, tolerate brambles (Carhartt double layer pants are a must), enjoyment of demanding physical labor outdoors in all weather conditions, knowledge of chainsaw use and safety is a plus, willingness to participate in humanure composting system. Some exposure to poison ivy is inevitable, nearly impossible to completely avoid as it is a goat delicacy. We will happily share all rash-healing knowledge and amendments including our near-infrared sauna, special herbal soaps and lotions, as well as goat milk for drinking. In our experience this combination makes the rash easy to eliminate and far less uncomfortable."

Meals: Included. Help in the kitchen is expected.


Housing: "Tent sites available on the land, or a small camper trailer nearer the house and road."

Preferred method of Contact: Email