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General Farm Description: "We are a pasture-based small livestock ranch located across several pastures in the Central Coast region of California. We raise our animals using "beyond organic" production practices and direct-market a variety of meat, egg, and dairy products in a 3-county area."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 7/1/2017
Internship Ends: 12/31/2017
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: 8/1/2017
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year

Internship Details:

“We are seeking an exceptional farmer/rancher to run our small, family-owned pasture based livestock operation. Depending on salary goals, the farmer/rancher will need to personally perform all duties and/or oversee hired staff to provide twice-daily basic livestock care, process and pack eggs and meat for delivery and markets, rotate livestock around pastures, and maintain/improve farm vehicles and infrastructure (e.g. chicken brooder house, water systems, pasture shelters, fencing, etc).
The work requirement is 7 days per week, though additional paid staff can be scheduled to provide time off for the Farmer/Rancher. A typical work-week will include one or two 8-hour days, three or four 9-10 hour days, one 12-14 hour day, and one 2-4 hour day.
Future opportunities for a successful farmer/rancher may include partnership or a transition to farm ownership.
Farm scale is approximately 1000 laying hens (standing flock), 5000 broiler chickens/year, and 60 retail hogs/year, with pilot scale rabbit and goat meat production as well.”

Educational Opportunities: This is an introductory independent farming opportunity that carries little to no risk of financial loss. A successful applicant will take on about 90% of the responsibilities of an independent farm owner.

Skills Desired: "Must have prior farming experience, demonstrated ability to regularly work 50-60 hour weeks, and demonstrated ability to self-educate and troubleshoot problems. Other needed skills are familiarity with basic husbandry of a variety of livestock breeds, proficiency with small power tools, some knowledge of fencing (hard and electric/portable), and ability to keep production and financial records."

Meals: Cooked on your own in private kitchenette. Meat and egg trade provided.

Stipend: "Weekly "draws" as permitted by business cash flow. Barring any catastrophes, one could expect to draw a minimum salary of $25,000, with up to $50,000 possible. Farmer take-home is highly dependent on sales, laying hen productivity rate, low mortality, "healthy animal" feed conversion rates, and the amount of hourly paid staff hired to assist the Farmer with the work load."

Housing: "On-farm housing for 1-2 people (must be comfortable sharing a room). Single-room cabin includes small living space, kitchenette, outdoor hot water shower (attached to cabin), and flushing toilet (10 yard walk to toilet). There is room for a small garden outside the cabin."

Preferred method of Contact: email