Sunset Ridge Fine Fruits

Contact information
Farm Address:
7825 Fox Hill Lane

Newcastle , California ,

Primary Contact: Greg Lewis
Secondary Contact: Kelsey Lewis

Primary Phone:
    Number: 916-663-9158

Secondary Phone

    Number: 916-316-2121




Internship information
General Farm Description: "Sunset Ridge Fine Fruits is a family owned and operated organic farm, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada?s. Established in 1999, our family originally planted 2,000 Satsuma mandarin trees but have incorporated a variety of other fruit trees over the years. We specialize in citrus but also grow apples, plums, apricots, pomegranates and Asian pears. We are one the largest mandarin growers in our area and participate in the Mountain Mandarin Festival every year. At our ranch we have an on-site store where we sell produce, local products, and freshly squeezed mandarin juice. In addition, we offer informational tours, u-pick, and scavenger hunts for children of all ages. <br /><br /> As an intern, you will be involved in every aspect of production. In the field you will learn how to properly prune fruit trees, apply organic fertilizer and compost, treat pest infestations, control weeds, trellis grape vines, and maintain the irrigation system. This type of work is challenging but gets you in shape and out in the fresh air! At Sunset Ridge you will also learn how to make wine, harvest mandarins, and help sell produce in our store."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 1/25/2016
Internship Ends: 1/25/2017
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: 1/25/2016
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Internship Details:

“Applications will be accepted UNTIL THE POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED. Please don't hesitate to send your application past the "due date". Please include a resume and two work references. Start and end dates are flexible. Potential candidates must be available for both a phone and in person interview prior to the start date.

Interns will perform basic daily farm tasks throughout the year. This includes pruning, fertilizer calibration and application, irrigation maintenance and repairs, weed control, picking grapes, bottling wine, as well as fruit harvesting and packing. Interns may also work in the store and assist with customer service and mandarin shipment orders. “

Educational Opportunities: "Interns will learn all aspects of organic citrus production. They will learn the basics of entomology, integrated pest management, nutrient management, and irrigation systems. We are also willing to work with educational institutions to provide interns with transferable college credit. "

Skills Desired: "We accept applicants of all experience levels. One year of farm-related work experience is preferred but not required. Applicants must be able to understand and speak English. Ability to perform physical labor is a must. Applicants must be willing and able to lift up to 50 lbs, work outside in hot and cold conditions for 8 hours, tolerate exposure to sun, grasses, and tree pollen, and possess a valid class C driver's license. "

Meals: "Interns will be provided with fresh, organic fruit and vegetables every week."

Stipend: Long term interns will receive a stipend of $200/week. Those who excel and prove themselves to be a valuable asset to the farm will receive a raise and potential full or part-time job offer.

Housing: "Housing will be provided to those who do not live within the area. This will include a bed, mini fridge, stove, and bathroom."

Preferred method of Contact: email or phone