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The Golden Hoof

Contact information
Farm Address:
3375 75TH Street

BOULDER , Colorado , 18972

Primary Contact: Alice Starek
Secondary Contact:

Primary Phone:

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Internship information
General Farm Description: "The Golden Hoof is a 44 acre slow food farm in Boulder, CO. We are primarily a holistically managed livestock operation with a focus on building healthy soil via thriving biological communities. Our intention is to become sustainable in every sense of the word. We strive to always use and improve best practices while sharing information freely as we go. We are currently breeding 10 beef cows, 4 dairy cows, 35 ewes, 3 sows, 5 turkey hens, 4 geese, 200 laying ducks and 300 laying hens. In addition to our livestock, we have an acre of annual crops and a 3,000 square foot tropical greenhouse."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 2/15/2019
Internship Ends: 11/15/2019
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: 2/1/2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 10 months- the above dates are flexible

Internship Details:

Interns work five days a week from sunrise until around 3:30 or when the work is done. All interns live on the farm in our hand crafted straw bale homes and eat food from the farm. We have a highly diversified operation and all interns are exposed to all aspects of the farm. Interns have the opportunity to do everything from harvesting bananas to feeding and caring for pigs and from butchering birds and curing meats to rendering lard and making fermented salsas.

Educational Opportunities: "Interns will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of running a small, diversified farm like ours- animal husbandry, greenhouse operation, annual vegetable production, tree planting, farm dinners, small mammal butchering, and supplemental product production like canning, fermentation techniques, making cheese, salamis, cured meats, salves, soaps, etc. They will additionally be exposed to green building techniques for greenhouses, human and animal housing, root cellars, watering systems, compost heating systems, landscaping, etc.."

Skills Desired: "We are looking for hard working, critical thinking, fun-loving, flexible interns with strong bodies and curious minds to help us with all aspects of running the farm. All interns must have some meaningful farm related experience, be comfortable and safe with power tools and feedback, they must be motivated to learn about a better way to grow food and they must understand systems thinking. "

Meals: "5 lunches per week will be provided as group meals. These will be gluten free, will be made largely of farm food and will usually be centered on healthy and delicious farm meats, dairy and produce. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated, but you must tell us in advance of special needs and we cannot accommodate vegetarians or vegans. Farm meats, eggs, produce and staples will be available for many other food needs on the farm."

Stipend: "We give free food, housing and a great lifestyle in addition to a $300/month stipend for all successful internships. The first month of all internships is considered a training period and bonuses are paid as appropriate at the end of each season."

Housing: "Shared housing will be offered in our beautiful, fully furnished, straw bale homes. This is a small, close knit community where everyone lives where they work."

Preferred method of Contact: email