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Apple Acres Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
363 Durgintown Road
Hiram, Maine , 04041

Primary Contact: Molly Griffin McKenna
Secondary Contact: William Johnson

Primary Phone:
    Number: 207-710-8322

Secondary Phone
    Number: 207-625-1038




Internship information
General Farm Description: 2020 Organic fruit farm & Carpentry Internship, $1,000/month + housing and most meals We are an organic fruit farm and agritourism and events business in beautiful rural Maine. Our farm is a pick-your-own, and we also have a seasonal onsite restaurant/bar and farm store. Separately, we also run one of the larger roots music festivals in New England, and we take the month of July away from farming to focus on that! Apprentices get the experience of both the farm and the music festival, and have a huge diversity of jobs! We work with you as though you were a co-owner of the business, you get to do a lot of diverse jobs--fun and not fun--but at the end you will have a huge amount of experience and understanding of running a farm, festival and a business. We provide a $1000/month stipend, plus housing, plus a CSA and bulk food which covers about half of your meals, so it is possible to save most of your money while you are here for your next adventure! We are about 45 minutes from Portland Maine.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: ASAP
Internship Ends: 11/25/2020
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: 5/30/2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 5-6 months

Internship Details:

This year is unique because of Covid-19, but we are currently accepting applicants! Unlike any other farm apprenticeship–rather than being in the field and then doing a CSA, you will do everything from orchard work, to carpentry, to kitchen, bar & customer serivce work (if we are allowed to open this fall), to business management, and meet a vibrant community of independent and creative people. In past years we have run a summer music festival, which is now cancelled because of the pandemic. This has opened up our summer to some bigger projects. These include: installing fencing and irrigation throughout the farm, re-doing our commercial kitchen, installing a pollinator garden, additional fertility management and compost building, and planting over 100 new trees. If we are allowed to open in the fall, we will be running our farm to table restaurant, bakery, and farm store like ususal. If we are unable to open we will be building a take out window and still serving food, but more of our efforts will be put towards harvesting the apples that pick-your-own customers would pick, and trying to find markets or uses for them, hard to say at this point!

Apprentices also work on a small independent project which they present at the end of the term. They also get books, handouts, and attend Maine Organic Farmer Association Workshops.

Farming tasks may include: picking apples, hand thinning, fertilizing, watering, weeding, planting, pest scouting, pest trapping, weed whacking, mowing, grafting, learning to drive forklifts and tractors, painting bark, wrapping trees (in late fall), making and spreading compost, and this year installing a pollinator garden and deer fence.

Carpentry tasks may include: using hammers, drills, nail guns, saws, and painting, and perhaps if you are interested, other tasks such as installing sheetrock and tile, framing and finish carpentry, and building a tiny house to rent out on the property. There may be additional light carpentry work off-site available for $16/hour for those who are interested and looking to make some extra $ while at the farm.

Business Tasks may include: using quickbooks and excel to track expenses and profits, inventorying store product, working with consignment, and running profit analysis.

Farm stand Tasks may include: grading apples, bagging apples, shipping apples, working at cash register, making doughnuts and pies, serving ice cream, cooking and serving food, learning to hand toss pizza dough, making sauces from scratch, restocking shelves, working at the cider bar, and learning about and maintaining cleanliness for health code, working with other employees.

We work with your strengths, and we have a very diverse experience and try to get you doing as many different things as possible.

We also make sure to take breaks, have fun, etc like kayaking, having BBQs with other farms, and seeing live music (or maybe this year it will just be going to the drive in movie theater!) You may also get the opportunity to do work swaps with apprentices from other farms, and work on a flower or veggie or animal farm for a few days during the term! “

Educational Opportunities: Additional opportunities to attend MOFGA organic farm association workshops and lectures, as well as one day/month to work on an independent project. Former independent projects have included designing and implementing a local wine tasting event for the farm, designing a home-scale orchard, designing high-school level educational school tours of the orchard, creating a radio segment, researching food deserts in Maine, and assessing store profits in an excel sheet. We also have a big binder of handouts for you to read which we sometimes discuss, and books as well. We also try as much as we can to teach you about the ecosystem and the life cycle of pests and diseases, soil health, and more, as we are planting and working in the orchard. The idea is that by working close alongside us you will have not only farm knowledge, but also business, time management, and construction skills when you leave.

Skills Desired: no skills needed! But ability to lift 50lbs and be in physical shape is necessary. It would be great if you had mechanical or carpentry skills, or skill with hand lettering signs. The ability to work self-guided without succumbing to distraction, and the ability to understand how repetitive and menial tasks work towards accomplishing our bigger goals, are both a must (basically--a positive attitude!) We also do not allow the use of cellphones during the workday. We also do recommend that folks who have a physical disability, or are not physically active, or who have mental health concerns including anxiety, talk to us about those issues in the interview process. We do not turn anyone away, but we do feel that those types of issues may present challenges for you in our farm environment, and we would encourage an honest, friendly conversation about how our work schedule and physical labor demands might interact with your health.

Meals: CSA share of veggies to share with other apprentice, plus semi-monthly potlucks, we also sometimes go to see movies or to a local trivia night.

Stipend: $250/week, plus a weekly veggie and egg CSA, a small garden plot to share, and housing. Transportation not provided, but we are close to town if you want to bike in.

Housing: You will share an open plan loft with kitchen and living room and shared bathroom. It has big picture windows looking over the saco river valley and the orchards, a gorgeous setting. There are two apprentices each year, and we become a little family unit. Please note that the apartment is above a farm garage and it is very rustic and basic, but functional. We are happy to send pictures upon request.

Preferred method of Contact: email