Cloud Mountain Farm Center

Contact information
Farm Address:
6906 Goodwin Road
Everson, Washington , 98247

Primary Contact: Annah Young
Primary Phone:
    Number: 360-966-5859


Internship information
General Farm Description: Cloud Mountain Farm Center (CMFC) envisions a thriving, collaborative community in which regional agricultural businesses are prosperous and contribute to a healthy environment and the well-being of all citizens.CMFC operates both annual and perennial cropping systems as well as a retail nursery. Our annual organic vegetable production is on 5 acres of tractor cultivated scale and includes row crops, high tunnels, and leafy greens production. Our perennials include 5 acres of conventional and organic fruit trees and vineyards that include pome/stone fruit and table/wine grapes. Our retail nursery offers both fruit and ornamental plants. Interns engage with all areas of production on the farm.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: March 2020
Internship Ends: October 2020
Number of Internship Available: 6-8
Application Deadline: **EXTENDED - November 20th 2019, we will accept applications on a rolling basis following this deadline until positions are filled.
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 months

Internship Details:

The Cloud Mountain Farm Center Internship is designed for those interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, and includes both employment and education. Interns gain working experience in both fruit and vegetable production and learn first-hand what it takes to keep farmlands healthy and agricultural businesses thriving.

Educational Opportunities: Lectures, Workshops, and Field Trips (approx. 8 hours/week) Through instruction and exposure via lectures, workshops, and farm tours, interns complete a curriculum that introduces them to the following topics: • Business and Marketing: business planning, enterprise accounting, value-added production, overall farm finances • Soils and Land Management: soil science, tillage, cultivation, fertility, and cover crops • Crop Production: irrigation, crop culture, weed management, crop planning, integrated pest and disease management, and orchard and vineyard management • Propagation and Nursery: vegetative propagation, seedling care, and greenhouse management • Environmental and Social Systems: natural resource conservation, food access and food justice Tuition for the 2020 season is $5,500 with a $500 rebate upon completion of the program. Tuition is due at the beginning of the program and covers all guest speakers, workshops, field trips, and educational materials over the course of the program.

Skills Desired: Priority will be given to applicants with the following skills and qualifications: • Desire to operate a farm business or be a key employee at a farm business • Some background knowledge of plant cultivation and at least one-year experience working at a production farm or nursery • Demonstrated ability to take initiative with a strong work ethic and ability to work well within a team setting • Physical ability to do demanding work in all weather and lift 40 lbs. repeatedly

Meals: No.

Stipend: The majority of interns’ time is spent working on the farm as an integral part of the field crew, and they are paid hourly at $13.50/hour.

Housing: No, please inquire if housing is needed.

Preferred method of Contact: email