Cobblestone Ranch

Contact information
Farm Address:
Near Chico , California , xxx

Primary Contact: Quivira Coalition
Primary Phone:
    Number: 505 820 2544


Internship information
General Farm Description: The Cobblestone Ranch is a sheep and cattle operation based on private property and on federal wildlife refuge lands managed specifically for wildlife habitat. Breanna Owens runs approximately two hundred ewes (with expansion plans over the next few years to increase to five hundred ewes). She uses a rotational grazing strategy on the refuge with the overall goal of maintaining and enhancing wildlife habitat and specific goals of reducing thatch, shrub and weed control, and stimulating new herbaceous growth. She moves the sheep one to two times a week, in paddocks ranging from one to five acres depending on seasonality and management objectives. Owens sells lambs as grass-fed and -finished either as feeder lambs to a direct marketer or as finished lambs to a regional processor. She plans on transitioning a portion of the flock to organic and selling through a regional CSA.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: October 2019
Internship Ends: June 2020
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: August 1
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 months

Internship Details:

Eight-month Ranching Apprenticeship through the Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program at Cobblestone Ranch near Chico, California.
To learn about the New Agrarian Program visit:
To apply for the Cobblestone Ranch Apprenticeship visit:

Educational Opportunities: The apprentice will assist with all aspects of the ranch operation. As with any livestock operation, the position will require physical labor interspersed with seasonal, office and other tasks. As the apprentice learns the regular ranch duties and becomes comfortable with them, they can choose some responsibilities to take on as a regular part of the job, with continued guidance as needed.

Skills Desired: N/A

Meals: The apprentice will receive partial board in the form of meat and eggs and fresh veggies from the garden.

Stipend: yes

Housing: Yes

Preferred method of Contact: email