Deck Family Farm Organic-Pasture & Diversified Livestock

Contact information
Farm Address:
25362 High Pass Rd.
Junction City, Oregon, 97448

Primary Contact: Christine Deck
Primary Phone:
    Number: 541.953.3393


Internship information
General Farm Description: Deck Family Farm is a 320-acre Certified Organic farm located in Western Willamette Valley. The farm is a diversified operation that focuses on regenerating the soil, using pasture based animal systems. Deck raises heritage Red Wattle pork, Galloway beef, Heritage poultry, Lamb, Raw dairy from Jersey cows, & organic eggs, fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Deck Family farm stands on the principles of Regenerative Agriculture and sustainability in all forms; energetic, environmental, and financial. Practices currently employed include riparian exclusion and restoration, management intensive grazing, humane animal handling, reforestation and Oak Woodland plantings, nutrient management, and ethical business practice & transparency. Deck is a family & multi-generational and community-oriented farm with an open gate; policy, meaning the farm is open to visitors any day but Sunday. This policy helps us to be more transparent in our practice and furthers our committed to keep our agricultural heritage alive, vital and relevant for our community.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Applicants considered year round
Internship Ends: Applicants considered year round
Number of Internship Available: 5-8
Application Deadline: Open
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year w/ stipend, short term visits considered

Internship Details:

The goal of the Deck Family Farm intern & apprentice program is to train the next generation of farmers. The farm hosts 5-7 interns and 2-4 apprentices. . Interns participate in all aspects of animal handling, care, and management as well as marketing and community building. Farm management, employees, and apprentices work alongside and help to support the learning experience of interns. Interns are part of the “Farmily”, a typical week might consist of working a farmers market, milking cows/goats, making butter, yogurt, or cheese, cracking nuts, slopping out a pig stalls, helping to bring newborn lambs, piglets and calves into the world, running spreadsheets, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, chopping wood, and/or preparing a meal for the community. Opportunities are only limited by the imagination.
The farm enterprises are as follows:
Raw milk dairy: Milking an average of 10-15 cows year round. The herd is held as a cooperative and owned by shareholders who pay for feed, care and milking of the herd. Butter, cheese, and yogurt along with fresh milk are produced for shareholders.

Heritage pasture raised hazelnut finished pork. Sows farrow in the barn in the winter. Piglets are fed raw milk from the dairy during weaning and finished on hazelnuts. We produce our pigs birth to finish.

100% grass fed and finished Certified Organic Heritage Galloway beef. Management intensive grazing has brought greater fertility to farm pastures, and rotating crops of grains, legumes and grasses has extended our grazing season to 8-9 months of the year.

Chickens: Organic heritage layers for eggs, and roasters for meat. All chickens are out on pasture during the day and housed in chicken tractors at night to prevent predation. Chickens are grazed behind and beside, cattle. In addition to their great tasting eggs, the poultry is an integral part of breaking parasite life cycles and bringing fertility to the pastures.

Sheep: Our mixed breed flock of Cheviot, Dorset and Suffolk ewes ranges between 120-150. Lambs come in early Spring. Much of our grazing for the sheep flock is on leased Organic ground and off site.

Vegetables: The Deck garden provides veggies for the Full Farm CSA (FFCSA) which is housed at the farm and supplies farm members with meat, milk, eggs, veg, fruit, nuts, grains, ferments, and more. If you were interested in homesteading this would be a good enterprise in which to participate.

Marketing: The farm markets direct to customer through farmer’s markets, buying clubs, grocery stores and the farms Full Farm CSA (FFCSA). Farm interns participate in the marketing level of the business in addition to the farming because it is through marketing that the farm receives the resources to operate. Marketing runs the engine of revenue and drives profitability.

Deck is a for-profit business that strives to maintain a reasonable economy of scale. If you are interested in homesteading practices, we can provide some training in food preservation and community living, but our program is substantially rooted in what it takes to run a successful farm business rather than a subsistence homestead.

Homesteading & Hearth holding Companion program
Deck Family Farm is strongly rooted in community living and in the spirit of building a sustainable and healthy farming lifestyle the hearth holding companion program to our farm intern program has its focus on homemaking and homesteading skills. This will include but not be limited to: meal preparation and clean up, household management, gardening, harvesting, canning and preserving, dairy and cheese making, basically all the skills needed in keeping the home hearth healthy and happy! So if you are someone who is interested in building community, are hardworking and flexible, enjoy hearth holding and want to develop and hone this skill, give us a call.

Work day begins at 7 AM with an all farm meeting, milking, and farm chores. We break for an hour at noon and finish the day at 4PM. The work week is 5 days on 2 days off, 8-10 hours/day. We appreciate flexibility depending on the season and work load.
Accommodations are modest, either shared housing in an intern room or cabin or COB house.

We are currently offering two types of internships for the 2021 season

1 year internship with room, board and stipend. Interns will rotate in at least two enterprises during the first year, usually in one of the following: Pastured Pork, Raw Jersey Dairy, Vegetables market garden, Beef Herd grazing & Management Intensive grazing, Lamb, Pastured Poultry, Marketing. Interns will rotate through as many areas of the farm as possible but personal interest, aptitude and availability plays a key role in placement. Stipend is paid in advance of the month and is meant to cover incidental expenses while in an educational program. Stipend payments are $400/month for the first 5 months, and $700 for the last 6 months, for a total of $6,000 for the year.

Home & Hearth holding Family Life: Deck Family Farm most often has a full house of visiting family, friends and employees. Being open to the challenges and joys of a busy household is a must. We share most meals and interns participate with family members in meal prep and clean up. Interns have full use of bathroom, shower and laundry. We ask that folks bathe regularly, change into clean clothes while in the house, and in general practice good hygiene in respect for all household members. Family members of all ages work alongside interns and employees, While this can be an asset in terms of gaining a broader vision of farming life it can also bring challenges in terms of space, patience, and learning to work with a diversity of ages and cultures.

We love vegetables and try to have them at every meal; however, we believe that animals are an intrinsic part of a balanced healthy food system and for this reason we prefer NOT to accommodate strict vegetarian or vegan diets.

Educational Opportunities: Humane handling, rotational grazing, forage management, irrigation, fencing, milking, spreadsheets, marketing, birthing, community living, market gardening, breeding programs and basic medical treatments, farm equipment, plumbing, electric wire. Visits to neighboring farms, yogurt, butter and cheese making.

Skills Desired: No experience required, however must have: a strong work ethic, ability to work long hours, ability to follow directions, willingness to work on communication skills, Interest in working with a range of cultures and ages, live in community and share community meals.

Meals: All meals are provided, evening meal is family style, with all community members sharing in rotating cooking and cleaning chores.

Stipend: $10,000 for 1 year internship, Room and Board included...........$20,000 for 2nd year apprenticeship Room and Board Included.....

Housing: Shared intern room or cabins. Kitchen, bathroom and laundry access in main house.

Preferred method of Contact: Email or phone