Dora’s Garden

Contact information
Farm Address:
1393 N Cove Street
P O Box 6
Union, Oregon , 97883

Primary Contact: Susan Boyd
Secondary Contact: Ira Cohen

Primary Phone:
    Number: (541) 562-5465

Secondary Phone
    Number: 541-562-5465



Internship information
General Farm Description: Dora's Garden is located in Union County in the dry, high-desert, sparsely populated NE corner of Oregon. Ag production in our area is primarily cattle, hay and wheat. We produce alfalfa hay, fruits, vegetables, jams, pickles and herb teas. We are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Our small farm is nearly self-contained, with very few inputs from off-site.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 6/1/2020
Internship Ends: 9/15//2020
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 weeks

Internship Details:

At Dora’s Garden we want to encourage young people from all over the world to consider futures in organic and sustainable agriculture. We comply with the letter and spirit of federal laws covering visitors to our country traveling on tourist visas, and of Oregon wage and hour laws. Interns with us stay for a 28-day term as part of our farm household, sharing work and meals together.

Depending on experience and goals of interns, farm-work is likely to include irrigating, weeding, mulching, planting, harvesting, seed collecting, sorting, and tool maintenance. In addition to farm-work, interns share duties of adult living such as harvesting and cleaning produce, cooking, setting the table for meals, cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes after meals, cleaning bathrooms and other common areas; and cleaning their own bedrooms and doing their own laundry. Interns have a great deal of unstructured free time to hike, play music, take bicycle trips, explore the town, write, read, study and interact with other guests.

Educational Opportunities: We provide hands-on experience living and working on a commercial farm. Interns are welcome to borrow books from the Dora's Garden library. We occasionally attend or host field trips. Mealtimes are good opportunities to discuss organic and sustainable practices and theories.

Skills Desired: (1) Willingness and ability to perform hard physical labor for approximately 30 hours per week; (2) Willingness to begin work at 6 am when weather requires an early schedule; (3) Considering becoming a farmer, practicing regenerative methods; (4) Physical ability to bend over reaching the ground, ability to sit on the ground and get up again, and ability to work on hands and knees; (5) Enjoyment of cats, dogs, goats, ducks and chickens; and (6) At least 18 years of age.

Meals: The three meals offered each day are prepared primarily with organic, seasonal and local ingredients. We can accommodate vegetarians, but we are not prepared to deal with food allergies. We cannot assure that meals prepared in our kitchen have not been contaminated by common allergens such as, but not limited to, peanuts, milk, wheat, soy, and tree nuts. Meals are prepared with herbs and spices, including salt and pepper. Breakfasts are very simple, so that everyone can work outside in cool temperatures.

Stipend: Interns who are authorized to be employees in the USA are paid minimum wage for work performed and are charged a fee for cost of bunk, shower, laundry, and meals. The result is a stipend of approximately $100 per week.

Housing: Accommodations are in an unheated bunkhouse containing two sets of single-wide bunk beds. Interns are expected to use the outhouse and handwashing stand when they are already outside; however each intern has access to an indoor bath each day. In rainy weather, the farmhouse dining room is a gathering spot. In good weather, the backyard with outside stove and furniture is the gathering area.

Preferred method of Contact: email