Contact information
Farm Address:
15410 Northeast 124th Street
WOODINVILLE, Washington, 59443

Primary Contact: Stefanie Hatlin
Primary Phone:
    Number: 847-609-3597


Internship information
General Farm Description: "What is Ecolibrium?<br> Mission Statement: To balance between our human environment, culture and natural ecosystems through education, ecological farming practices and community collaboration. <br><br> Founded in the Sammamish Valley, Ecolibrium, is an ecologically-based farm focused on biodiversity and micro-macro flora because we believe it is more effective to grow crops using nature as an aid than as an adversary. This approach reduces the negative environmental impact that has been a hallmark of agriculture since the industrial revolution, and avoids the harmful pitfalls and chemical dependencies inherent in large-scale farming . <br><br> Ecolibrium reimagines the relationship between the disparate parts of our food system, and offers an opportunity to engage in a new paradigm of food production, distribution and consumption. We see how sustainable farming practices and ecological awareness benefits not only the longevity and productivity of our land and business, but also our society at large. Integrating ecological principles will strengthen the resilience of our community, businesses, and lives by boosting our local economy, safeguarding our public resources, and building human connection."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 5/18/2017
Internship Ends: 11/15/2017
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: 6/15/2017
Minimum Length of Stay: Full Season

Internship Details:

Ecolibrium is looking to hire a skilled full-time Assistant Farm Manager with a deep passion for ecological farming principles.

Educational Opportunities:

Skills Desired: "Job Description and Requirements As an assistant farm manager you will be expected to: <br><br> Effectively implement farm plan through proper execution of all farm work, from field prep to post harvest handling in an independent or collaborative environment. <br><br> A thorough understanding of organic farming and sustainable growing practices. The ability to work alongside our farm manager to guarantee compliance with organic regulations and proper tracking of field operations. <br><br> Strong organizational skills, including inventory, invoicing, sales and delivery. <br><br> Specific knowledge of:<br> greenhouse management<br> organic seed procurement<br> seeding / up-potting / transplanting / trellising/ harvesting<br> integrated pest/disease management<br> sanitation, wash and pack <br> using tractors, implements, and other farm related machinery <br><br> Ideal candidate would have ability to diagnose and potentially fix small engines and basic tractor needs. <br><br> The ability to direct other farm workers. We are a growing business and have a field crew of up to 6 people, volunteers not included. Translating the tasks at hand to the crew and working alongside them to make sure they are efficient and safe while doing a task will be part of your role. <br><br> Planning, Installation and Maintenance of drip irrigation systems. <br><br> Observant of the needs on the farm. Walking the fields and recognizing when something seems off or is out of place (i.e. water not getting to a certain part of a bed or field, plants showing a stress from pests or nutrients loss, etc.) with the ability to communicate relevant observations to farm manager. <br><br> Familiar with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards"




Preferred method of Contact: EMAIL OR PHONE