Green Toe Ground Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
411 Pope Rd.
Grindstaff Rd.
Burnsville, Montana, 59479

Primary Contact: Nicole DelCogliano
Secondary Contact: Nicole DelCogliano

Primary Phone:
    Number: 828-284-7715

Secondary Phone
    Number: 828-284-9883


Internship information
General Farm Description: "Located 1 hour north of Asheville, NC, we have a 16 acre diversified biodynamic vegetable farm located in the heart of the Black Mountains, home to Mt. Mitchell, highest peak east of the Mississippi river. We are an established farm, started in 2001, and sell vegetables, fruit, flowers and seasonal dried flowers and wreaths at regional farmer's markets, distributors and direct to restaurants. We offer agritourism events seasonally and educational workshops. Our farm includes some animal husbandry opportunities, but is primarily a vegetable operation. We live in a beautiful place in the South Toe River Valley at the base of the Black Mountains, in the township of Celo, NC. Once summer starts, there are lots of events and nature activities in and around here. Burnsville and the surrounding regions. Biking and walking and hiking trails are abundant in Celo and in Pisgah National Forest, and we have the best swimming holes in the area right on our property! "

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: 4/1-15/2022
Internship Ends: 11/1/2022
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: 3/15/2022
Minimum Length of Stay: 4-6 months

Internship Details:

“The main body of our farm sits on a bend in the South Toe River.We are definitely not the first ones to coax a living from the sandy loam.We are always reminded of those who came before as we pick points and pottery from our soils,some thousands of years old.We grow six acres of Biodynamic vegetables in a scattering of soil types and fields,from sandy loam to clay loam.As a wife and husband team of Nicole DelCogliano and Gaelan Corozine we have been here since 2001, along with our two daughters.

Our farming philosophy: We started practicing biodynamic farming on the land in 2004. We feel it speaks to our philosophy and perspective of approaching our farm as a whole organism. Husbanding animals is also very important for us as we make our own Biodynamic compost from their manures.Farming is more than economics to us.It is a lifestyle and a culture that we strive for.
We grow vegetables of all kinds, a mix of heirlooms and hybrids, outdoors and in 4 high tunnels. We have worked hard to find which varieties work well for our land, but are always exploring new products. We use a 45 hp Kioti Tractor for bed preparation, primarily using a Imants spader. As inquisitive people we nurture an understanding and study of the land we farm on.All of our cultivation is done by hand with scuffle hoes and hand tools.Believing that good veggies taste better when they have to work a little to get what they need..
We market 9- 11 months a year, selling at the oldest market in Asheville, North Asheville Tailgate Market and Asheville City Market. We also sell to regional restaurants and food hubs.
We also host 1-2 farm dinners per season as Covid allows

Educational Opportunities: "We have been farming for over twenty years and we still love it .During that time we have worked side by side with over twenty folks most of whom have gone on to form a relationship with farming in some manner.As certified farm nerds we love to share our experiences and anecdotes but love to hear yours as well.We want folks who are engaged and interested in pursuing agriculture in some manner. Being farmers does not define who we are as we have travelled extensively and are active in social justice work.You will take part in ALL aspects of farm work,from harvest management to animal husbandry,to greenhouse work and long hours weeding and harvesting.You will also have the opportunity to learn marketing ,sales and some aspects of agritourism. Above all we would hope that you make our farm YOUR farm for however long you stay. We offer internships April thru October, with the possibility to extend. We work Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m. as needed, with a 2 hours lunch break. As the weather gets warmer, we often start earlier in the morning. Tuesdays and Fridays are harvest days, and Tuesday or Wednesdays are delivery days. The Asheville City Market and North Asheville tailgate markets require us to leave the farm by 5:15 on Saturdays. Apprentices come to market on a rotational basis, and when not at market, cover other chores such as feeding and watering of animals, watering starts in the greenhouse, etc. Compensation offered... We offer a weekly stipend based on a negotiated hourly pay rate between $10-14/ hour based on experience.. Apprentices live in an off the grid cabin with water catchment system for washing dishes. There is a stove, outdoor toilet, and a solar shower bag at the cabin. Apprentices do have access to a refrigerator. We offer vegetables from the farm, and eggs, and milk as available. Apprentices get a full paid week off each season, organized in advance. We also make room for days off as needed for friend and family visits. We also pay for apprentices to attend the Southeast Regional Biodynamic Gathering each October in TN as well as membership in CRAFT, an apprentice and farmer network. "

Skills Desired: "Experience with some physical labor and farming a plus, not absolutely necessary. We request applicants come with an open and curious mind, perseverance, ability to work hard and a willingness to adapt and learn. These are critical skills to success at our farm. We work outdoors in all conditions. We need folks with the ability to adapt quickly, follow directions given orally and by example, to work consistently and at a pace that desired, thinking always about why we are doing what we are doing and understanding the how as well. A positive attitude and the ability to have fun and celebrate the work we are doing is important. "

Meals: Independent

Stipend: $10-14/ hour based on experience

Housing: " Apprentices live in an sweet off the grid cabin with a great view of Seven Mile Ridge. It has a water catchment system for washing dishes. There is a stove, outdoor toilet, and a solar shower bag at the cabin. Apprentices do have access to a refrigerator. The cabin has a loft for a couple to share, otherwise it is a single domicile.

Preferred method of Contact: email or phone