Kern Family Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
p.o box 580
north fork , California , 20180

Primary Contact: Sue Kern
Secondary Contact: Hansel Kern

Primary Phone:

    Number: 559-877-5800

Secondary Phone

    Number: 559-349-3777


Internship information
General Farm Description: We are a very diverse, small acreage family farm, growing in the central Sierra Nevadas. We have been farming since 2000 and have been steadily growing in size and experience since then. We live on an 80 acre piece of land with an acre of terraced vegetable fields, an acre of orchards, a few fields of grapes and blackberries, a 3.5 acre hay field, four 2000 sq ft greenhouses with salad greens and spinach, and small herb planters. We have a herd of 20 goats and with them we practice holistic grazing on the rest of our entire 80 acres and some of the neighboring lands. We also have a barnyard with 150-250 chickens which we use for selling eggs and harvest meat for ourselves.<br> Our farm has been a part of the WWOOF program since 2008 and since then have hosted over 500 interns and we continue to host WWOOFers to this day. Our closest town is North Fork and we are an hour and a half from Yosemite. We are at 3200-3400 ft elevation and are just below the pine tree and snow level. In North Fork we operate the school garden at the elementary school where we work with all the kindergarten through 8th grade classes every Friday. Also in North Fork, we have a new natural food store called "the Gnarly Carrot" where we sell all our products and that of other local growers, promoting healthy, organic, and local food. We are certified organic and practice no-till farming. We prefer those interested in a long term stay of 6 months to a year or more, but will accept two month minimum visits. For more information go to the ""Work With Us"" section of our website,

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: as soon as possible
Internship Ends: to be determined
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: no deadline
Minimum Length of Stay: At least two months (prefer long term)

Internship Details:

We currently have between 5-10 "WWOOF" interns that work 17 hours a week and that usually stay for around 2 months each. If you apply for this internship, we would expect you to work the same part time hours that our "Wwoof" interns work, but we are looking for someone with the interest, passion, work ethic or skills for having a longer term, more serious position. That might include helping manage the crew when multiple tasks need to happen, and/or extra solo work. It would be a flexible schedule but could total around 25-35 hours per week. This could include part time crew management, milking goats, collecting eggs, being responsible for seedling sprinkling, salad greens sprinkling and bed prep, electric pasture fence management, gopher trapping, crop row cover checking (in winter), foliar amendment and compost tea application, vermiculture, small scale wine maker, pest management, weeding manager, seed saver, sundrier, compost alchemist, record keeper/cost benefit analysis, post harvester/washer, barnyard upkeep, value added food processor, and other things as they come up. We are very diverse here and diversity would come with the position, so you may do a little of many of these things or specialize in a couple of them.

Educational Opportunities: We consider ourselves on this farm to be "a jack of all trades and master of none". We have a a very wide experience base, but our strongest points of knowledge we can share are: homesteading, alternative energies (our farm is entirely off grid), passive solar building designs, irrigation strategies in the mountains, holistic grazing, school gardening, small scale diverse farming in rugged mountainous terrain, growing food for ourselves, salad green production, and diversity itself. there is all the room in the world for anyone interested to come into their own on any of the above mentioned tasks, and we strive for symbiotic relationships in which we all learn from each other, experiment and have fun!

Skills Desired: We would love to have people with some experience in any of the following: animal husbandry, holistic grazing, irrigation, soil science, pest management, crew management, crop production, food processing and handling, efficient weeding strategies, cost benefit analysis, composting, nutrient management, and seed saving. But above all we would like committed, hard working, flexible people who are pursuing farming as their path and lifestyle

Meals: We provide food for three meals a day, 7 days/week for all of our interns. On weekdays, the lunch meal is prepared in our home by two interns on a rotating basis. All other meals are prepared in the shared kitchen at our intern housing.

Stipend: Upon arrival, interns work four mornings/week for room and board. We cover payroll taxes and provide Workers Comp coverage and we ask interns to put in the number of hours the IRS allows us to deduct for room and board. But for those who want to work extra in the afternoons, they can take on additional projects and a stipend is negotiable. After finding your niche on the farm, and being here for at least 6 months, we may be able to offer a larger stipend per week depending on how much extra you take on.

Housing: WWOOFvile is the main housing of our interns. it consists of 3 RVs, and 2 mobile homes, a teepee, and a small cob house built in 2016 by some of our interns. The cob house could be the housing for the longer term, longer working intern/manager. All the RV's and trailers were donated or bought from our friends in town and customers. One of the main trailers has the main living room: couches, stereo, land line phone, woodstove, kitchen, and outdoor patio. and there is also a separate shed with a shower/bath and sink. There is one bathroom and one outhouse (which is the local favorite). And at any point anyone is welcome to pitch a tent or hammock in the surrounding woods. FULL DISCLOSURE: WE DO HAVE LOTS OF DOGS AND CATS ON THE PROPERTY, SO IT IS NOT ADVISABLE TO COME IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES TO THOSE ANIMALS. We assumed anyone coming to a farm would expect dogs or cats, but you'd be surprised what cant always be assumed of people :)

Preferred method of Contact: email then phone call