Kranz Hill Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
616 New London Road
Newark, Delaware, 19711

Primary Contact: John Detwiler
Primary Phone:
    Number: 302-540-0912



Internship information
General Farm Description: The Kranz Hill Farm ( is a rapidly growing vegetable farm, CSA, and market, located in northern Delaware. Our CSA, begun in 2010, expands each year, and last year numbered at 100 shares. In 2018, we opened our market on location six days a week, selling our own produce and other local goods. In the fall of 2019, we added an online storefront , and expanded our operations to include three off-site gardens. The Kranz Hill Farm is a project of Omnia Humanitas (, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping people live integrated lives by working together to build communities, redefine education, and revitalize the land. The Kranz Hill Farm will demonstrate sustainable farming practices and integrate farming into the everyday experience of people through its CSA and other projects."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 3/22/2020
Internship Ends: 11/1/2020
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: 2/1/2019
Minimum Length of Stay: "Five months for Apprenticeship, 2 Months for Internship"

Internship Details:


Through daily involvement in the running of the farm, close and consistent engagement with the farmer, and personal responsibility for the success of certain tasks or crops, an apprentice is expected to mature in his competence and understanding of small-scale sustainable vegetable farming. An apprenticeship requires about 50 hours work each week. The apprenticeship runs from March through October, though a shorter period may be accommodated. Due to the small size of the farm, an apprentice must be happy to work alone for hours at a time, and remain diligent and competent without supervision. At least one season of commercial farming experience is preferred but not required. Apprentices are given a stipend of up to $1000/month, ample produce and goods from the market, and on-site housing is available if requested.


An intern is expected to work at least 120 hours, be eager to learn, and enjoy the subtropical weather of a Delaware summer. No previous experience is expected, though Kranz Hill Farm welcomes experienced gardeners and farmers who would like to learn more about small-scale sustainable farming. Internships can be tailored to the interests, experience, and availability of the individual concerned. Stipends are available according to ability and need, up to $500/month. Nearby housing is available on request.

A Note to Applicants: Kranz Hill Farm uses solely organic farming practices, but has no ideological opposition to conventional or large-scale farming. In addition to practical instruction and experience with small-scale farming, the farmers are also willing to talk about philosophy. The farmers take farming seriously as part of the world we live in, and will teach about the benefits and detriments of the type of farming Kranz Hill Farm engages in, and how it fits into society and agriculture at large.

Educational Opportunities: "The daily involvement with the farm and close interaction with the farmers gives a well-rounded course of training in the work of a small, sustainable farm. We will also take a monthly tour of another local farm or related business. "

Skills Desired: "For the apprenticeship, a season of commercial farming experience is preferred, but not required. For the apprenticeship, the physical fitness and mental maturity to vigorously and diligently complete regular farming tasks is required. Such tasks include (for example) hours of harvesting at a time, weeding by hand or with a hoe, and lifting fifty pounds. Since the internship is tailored to the interest and ability of the intern, necessary skills will vary."

Meals: The farm provides an abundance of in-season produce to apprentices and interns.

Stipend: "The farm can offer a stipend of $1000/month for an apprentice. An intern can earn a small stipend, depending on need and ability."

Housing: "A room is available on-site, in a common house for state park interns. The cost is $150/month. We can also arrange housing for more interns or apprentices with members of the farm community.

Preferred method of Contact: Phone or E-mail