Little Organic Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
1855 Tomales Road
Tomales, California , 94954

Primary Contact: David Little
Primary Phone:
    Number: (707) 235 - 4988


Internship information
General Farm Description: Little Organic farm is a small 30 acre family run organic farm located in Marin and Sonoma counties. The farm is comprised of six pieces of land located near the ranch, with the main emphasis on dry-farmed potatoes. We also grow tomatoes, lettuce, greens, strawberries, squash, cucumbers, kale, broccoli and onions. We are diversifying the selection with each new season. The bulk of what we grow are 25 varieties of dry-farmed potatoes although we also have 100 chickens we added to the farm in the last few years. We use organic dry farming practices, and sell most of our produce to local restaurants in Napa and San Francisco as well as at local grocery stores and farmer's markets. Dry-farming is a soil tillage technique, an art of working the soil, that creates better flavor and requires no irrigation. Starting as soon as the possible in the spring, when the ground is still wet from winter rains, the ground is disked, disked again, then plowed, then disked again with a roller sealing the ground to hold in the moisture. This method creates a long window from the initial planting and allows the roots to get established. We are 5 minute drive from the beach and a 15 minute drive to downtown Petaluma.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Rolling- April/May is the preferred time to start
Internship Ends: December 2019
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: Ongoing until position is filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months minimum / 6-9 months preferred

Internship Details:

Interns participate in all aspects of farm life from planting to tending to the greenhouse, weeding, harvesting, packing produce for sale, composing a weekly email produce list for chef, and attending weekly farmer’s markets. We expect around 40 hours of work per week, 5-6 days. You will learn everything about running a small family farm and will work directly with David the owner/farmer. Learn all the basics of organic farm practices and dry farming techniques in the coastal climate. Start out with the exciting planting period that goes on throughout late spring and early summer and finish with our big potato harvest that happens during the late summer and fall! Please come to work and learn!

Educational Opportunities: Learn about coastal dry-farming techniques for potato and tomato crops as well as gaining exposure to Bay Area Farmer's Market scene. Interns will learn about the daily tasks of operating a small family farm with sustainable and organic practices.

Skills Desired: Ability to lift 50lbs. Valid drivers license. Ability to operate Microsoft Word and Google Mail. Potential intern/apprentices must be willing to work hard, listen to instruction, and be committed to staying the season. No experience farming is necessary, but applicants with farm experience may be given preference. It is key that any applicant for this position be willing and able to work in heat and humidity, and most of all, have a sense of humor.

Meals: Yes. All you need in vegetables and eggs. We trade for milk and meat at the farmers markets.

Stipend: We provide a small monthly stipend plus on-site housing and all organic meals. Rather than a job where earning money is the primary goal, this is an opportunity for interns to learn-by-doing diverse aspects of life and work on a small-scale regenerative farmstead.

Housing: Yes. There is a small cozy trailer next to the main house on the farm.

Preferred method of Contact: Phone