Medium Farm Farm hand/Delivery Driver

Contact information
Farm Address:
469 bailhache ave
healdsburg, California, 95448

Primary Contact: Miriam Blachman
Primary Phone:
    Number: 5102134450


Internship information
General Farm Description: Medium Farm is a small 1 acre farm business across three properties in Healdsburg. One of them is located at a Biodynamic winery and the other two are not certified. I use no chemicals and I farm in a blend of intensive market gardening and Bob Cannards “Green String” natural process philosophy of 50% for humans and 50% for nature. I sell directly to restaurants and try to maintain a wide variety of specialty items like edible flowers, fruit and odd types of vegetables to keep both the chefs and myself entertained.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: March 2023
Internship Ends: November 2023
Number of Internship Available: 1 full time, 1 part time/seasonal
Application Deadline: March
Minimum Length of Stay: June-October

Internship Details:

Farm Hand/Delivery Driver

POSITION 1: Full time, starting in early March or as late as May 1st, 40hrs/wk with option for up to 60hrs during busy times if that is of interest to the applicant. Ideally, this will become a year round position for someone, with 1 to 2 months off during winter.

POSITION 2:Part time, from May to October, hours are flexible- mornings are preferred 6am-12pm, Mostly harvest help and crop clearing but duties are flexible based on applicants interests and strengths.

For the full time position I’m looking for someone with gardening experience, preferably in vegetable production and orchard care, to be my second in command in a full time team of two. Hours are flexible except on harvest and delivery days when we would work side by side to put together orders for delivery. Nov-June we do one delivery to SF per week, every Tuesday. July-October there are two deliveries per week, Tuesday and Friday. The job requires a drivers license, as I plan to split the summer delivery shifts with my coworker.

Also required for both positions, the ability to lift 25-50lbs, a good work ethic, good humor in the face of a repetitive and sometimes hefty workload, clear communication skills, an eye for efficiency as well as detail. Pay will reflect experience in Agriculture/horticulture et al, with a starting rate of $18/hr (more DOE) and $40 per delivery if you use your own vehicle. There is no farm housing, but there is private Russian river access, free vegetables and fruit and a surprisingly flexible schedule (as far as farming goes).

Educational Opportunities: On the job learning and on any topics that I have experience enough to teach.

Skills Desired: I could use help in soil science, orchard care and chicken care (I intend to keep a small flock once the farm is fully staffed)

Meals: No, but there is full access to whatever is growing on the farm. And access to the Russian River.

Stipend: $18/hr (more DOE)

Housing: no

Preferred method of Contact: email