Milk House Farm Market

Contact information
Farm Address:
1118 Slack Road
Newtown, Pennsylvania, 18940

Primary Contact: Brenda Slack
Primary Phone:
    Number: 2158524305


Internship information
General Farm Description: We are a vegetable and poultry farm located in beautiful Bucks County PA. We offer a more unique opportunity for on farm learning as we are a very diverse farm. We are expanding our no dig/market garden style farming operation each year. We grow over fifty varieties of vegetables using this method and about 25 varieties of flowers. For our Tomato production we also farm traditionally with the use of biodegradable plastic and a more row crop type method. Tomato farming is our specialty. We also grow 25 acres of Sweet Corn in a more traditional method. We grow small fruits such as Strawberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries as well. On the same farm we have 800 chickens for egg production, 500 chickens for meat production, a small duck population for egg production, 100 Ducks for meat production, and the farmers own Milk Cow, Potbellied Pig, barn cat, and farm dogs. All aspects of raising and caring for a diverse range of animals will be taught. We have an on farm market, sell to a few restaurants, and attend a local farmers market as well and all aspects of running these enterprises will be taught.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: April 1, 2021
Internship Ends: November 30, 2021
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: We feel strongly that completing a 7 month season is critical to your learning of farm techniques and to the needs of the farm.

Internship Details:

There is no better way to learn farming than by doing it. You will never know if this is truly what you want to do until you try it. You will work side by side with the farmer everyday. As we work, the farm techniques will be taught, the reasons behind doing things the way we are will be explained and the effects of what we are doing in the tasks have on the plant/animal, environment, community and the farm as a whole will be revealed. All aspects of vegetable and flower production will be taught from choosing seed, seeding, transplanting, bed/field prep, maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting and post harvest handling all the way through setting up market displays and selling techniques. Record keeping is an important part of this process from quantity of seed to plant, to crop rotation planning, to harvest quantities, to end results in terms of sales. You can choose to specialize in a particular aspect of farming (just flower production or just egg layer production if you choose) or you can be exposed to the entire farm production. Specific skills related to animal care will be taught including caring for pastures, enclosures, animal specific nutrition and needs, record keeping, and financial inputs and outputs. All of the above will be taught by doing, and the farmer will assign specific reading and videos to be completed for the tasks either before that days tasks begin or after the work day is complete. Farming is not only very physically demanding but requires stamina in terms of metal ability to get past working in the rain, working in the intense heat and humidity, and working sometimes longer days when the to do list needs to be completed. You will be working five days a week, 40 hour work weeks, with Fridays and one weekend day a requirement out of the 5 days. This is a paid internship with starting pay at $11 hour with no experience. If you show an interest and work up to our standards, the ability to return for the next season will be offered and will include an increase in your pay rate and the ability to specialize and run an aspect of the farm with supervision from the farmer.

Educational Opportunities: The farmer is an avid reader on the topic of farming and food preparation and has an extensive library to share. In addition she will recommend audio books, YouTube videos, and offer continuing education classes for you to attend.

Skills Desired: Part of the mission of the farm is to train young entrepreneurs in all aspects of farming so they can someday run their own farm. No skills are required to start but a business background, a social media interest, a spreadsheet/Excel background in addition to previous experience working outdoors are all pluses.

Meals: No, just at staff meetings.

Stipend: Yes, a weekly produce and egg stipend is offered.

Housing: No

Preferred method of Contact: email