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Mountain Cloud Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:

Clark Fork , Idaho , 97149

Primary Contact: Breigh Peterson
Secondary Contact: Darren Cloud

Primary Phone:


Internship information
General Farm Description: "Mountain Cloud Farm is a no till vegetable farm located in Clark Fork Idaho. We tend to three acres of vegetables, berries, fruit and flowers sustained with regenerative farming practices without the use of organic or non organic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Food is produced all year round in heated and unheated greenhouses. We also care for a small heard of beef cattle, dairy cows, dairy goats, sheep, chickens and hogs. Our food is marketed through a CSA program and the Sandpoint Farmers' Market. Please see our website for more detailed information and our on line application:

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: April 1st
Internship Ends: November 15th
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Internship Details:

Apprentices at Mountain Cloud Farm gain the experience to further their farming adventure. Most days will be spent working with me, the farmer either preparing beds for planting using no till methods, weeding or harvesting. Expect to work with a variety of farm equipment such as different types of seeders like the jang and the four row pinpoint seeder, a bed roller, dibbler, paper pot transplanter and a tractor for moving compost. Works days are Tuesday through Friday, early morning starts and around 35 hours a week.

Educational Opportunities: I am always available to answers questions and we have a large library of books. There are many great farmers to visit in the area.

Skills Desired: Folks who are eager and excited about farming. Although somedays will be long and physical demanding it is important for us to have interns who will keep a positive attitude. We expect our interns to take part in daily chores which include weeding, planting, harvesting and of course eating. Helping with our animals is optional.

Meals: Work day lunches are prepared and eaten together. All other meals are prepared on your own with food we provide; seasonal veggies, goat milk, goat cheese, eggs and meat from our animals. Plus store bought staples.

Stipend: Depends on length of stay, please see our website for more detailed information and our on line application:

Housing: Housing includes a small camper or tipi, outdoor covered kitchen space, running water, outdoor shower, composting toilet and privacy. Laundry facility and internet are available.

Preferred method of Contact: email