Poplar Ridge Farms

Contact information
Farm Address:
53 Lehigh Road
Craigsville, Virginia, 24430

Primary Contact: Brian Jones
Primary Phone:
    Number: 5402901323
    Email: poplarridgeproduce@gmail.com

Website: http://www.poplar-ridge-farms.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: Poplar Ridge Farms is located in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia approximately 3 hours south of DC between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Alleghany Mountains to the west. We are a family farming operation owned by partners Brian and Coleen Jones. We started farming here after college in 2004 on 18 acres and a dream and are now stewards of approximately 215 acres of mixed grassland and cropland and another 275 acres of mixed hardwood forests. It is this mixed eco-system of grass, soil, water and forests that are the primary foundation and the strengths of our operation. We are a diversified farm with produce, livestock, hay and grain being our primary enterprises. In 2022 we will be growing about 1.5 acres of organically raised, no-till vegetables to supply three local farmers markets and an online customer base. We also raise several acres of mechanically harvested snap beans and sweet corn for local wholesale customers. We run a flock of mixed Suffolk/Dorset ewes, a small herd of Hereford cows and calves, pastured layers and broilers in season, and a few pigs every year. In addition, we will grow approximately 80 acres of corn, soybean and wheat this year to supply a local non-GMO feed mill and about 30-40 acres of cool-season grass hay. We strongly feel that a successful farming model must be diversified and adaptable, and that the foundation of any farm lies in the soil and land management practices. To that end, our farming practices are rooted in regenerative agriculture. Our goal is to grow and raise our livestock in such a way that constantly builds the health of our soil, the quality of our water and the sustainability of our farm. We firmly believe that healthy soil leads to a healthy, nutrient dense food supply. Since we established our market garden in 2018 we have grown our vegetables with no-till and organic practices as much as possible. Our crop land has been in continuous no-tillage production with cover crops since 2009 and most of our crop fertility comes from organic sources. Our livestock are managed with intensive rotational grazing systems to mimic the natural herbivore grazing cycles, and we strive to develop as much wildlife, bird and pollinator habitat as possible. We understand that true sustainability goes further than soil and water stewardship and must include economic and physical sustainability. In our produce and market garden business this means taking care of our bodies and minds so that we can still be doing this in 10 years! To achieve this goal, we have invested heavily in tools and technology to help us grow vegetables as efficiently as possible. For example, we utilize the PaperPot system extensively for transplanting. We use precision seeding tools such as the Jang system. We take advantage of a walk-behind BCS with attachments to make us as efficient as possible. We have two fully automated high-tunnels and multiple caterpillar tunnels to extend our growing season. We use the Qlipr system in our high tunnels to eliminate ladder work when trellising crops. We have an automated propagation house and germination chamber to help us grow the highest quality transplants. We utilize flame-weeding, occultation and cultivation practices to limit hand-weeding as much as possible. Finally, we have an efficient wash/pack house with walk-in cold storage.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: immediate
Internship Ends: through end of 2022
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: July 21
Minimum Length of Stay: Through the end of October

Internship Details:

If our farm sounds like a place you can see yourself working hard and having fun, then we would invite you to apply. We have an immediate opening for part or full-time team members whose primary responsibilities will be in the market garden. However, there are always opportunities for personal growth and development in other aspects of the farm as well if you have the desire or willingness to learn. Our team consists of a farm manager and four team members, with additional helpers at farmer’s markets. The team members position is hourly with a minimum of 20 hours of work per week. We have immediate openings now for a position through the end of the year, with opportunities to continue if interested. Our growing season essentially runs year-round thanks to our covered growing space and online store, although there is a definite seasonality to the work flow.
Team members will be expected to work closely with the farm manager to carry out the many variety of tasks in the market farm. Team members will be fully trained on each aspect of a specific task until they feel comfortable. Our philosophy is to work alongside our team members in a “Come-On” not “Go-On” approach. Specific duties may include:
Seeding and Transplant Production:
– Assist with seeding transplants and micro-greens as needed
– Assist with propagation house management (watering, hardening, etc) as needed
Bed Prep and Crop Establishment:
– Follow established bed prep protocols for the specific crop that is being established
– Develop proficiency with the transplanting and seeding equipment
Irrigation Management:
– Assist with watering-in seedings and transplantings
– Assist with general field and tunnel irrigation management
High-Tunnel Management:
– Assist with pruning and trellising of valuable high-tunnel crops
– Assist with timely weed and pest management practices
– Follow and implement weekly cultivation schedules
– Properly use cultivation tools and techniques for maximum efficiency
– Ensure that crops are harvested as quickly and efficiently as possible per harvest guidelines
– Ensure that the highest level of crop quality is maintained until post-harvest activities
– Assist as necessary in the wash/pack process
Specific Qualifications:
– Due to the physical nature of the job preference will be given to candidates who have had some previous work experience working outside (landscaping, mowing, farming, etc).
– To qualify for the team member position, the candidate must meet the following requirements:
o Is able to lift at least 50 lbs repeatedly
o Is able to work outside in all types of weather (heat, humidity, rain, wind, cold, etc)
o Is able to do repetitive, time-consuming and detailed work for hours at a time
o Has a strong work ethic
o Be able to problem solve and work efficiently
o Have good communication and listening skills
– The farm is located approximately 30 minutes from Staunton and Lexington Virginia, both are mid-sized cities with great restaurants and opportunities for social activities
– There are ample opportunities for outdoor recreational activities on your time off as well. Within a few miles of the farm are amazing hiking and biking trails as well as some of the best fly-fishing in the Southeast.
– Farm staff are encouraged to utilize second-quality produce for their own consumption

Educational Opportunities: All aspect of organic market farming, from propagation through marketing, will be experienced.

Skills Desired: Must be able to work in the heat and humidity of Virginia in the summer. Preference for those with previous outdoor job experience, i.e. landscaping, etc.

Meals: We encourage workers to utilize produce from the farm for their own use, but meals will be the responsibility of the worker.

Stipend: $12 to $15 per hour depending on experience

Housing: On-farm housing is negotiable.

Preferred method of Contact: email