Pork Hill Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
45 Pork Hill Road
Ossipee, New Hampshire , 03864

Primary Contact: Katie Doyle Smith
Secondary Contact: Paul Swegel

Primary Phone:
    Number: 603-539-5999
    Email: porkhillfarm@gmail.com

Website: http://www.porkhillfarm.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: "Pork Hill Farm is located in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We are a short drive from the White Mountains; a little over an hour drive to great cities like Portland, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Pork Hill Farm grows certified organic vegetables, herbs and flowers for our CSA, restaurants, summer camps, florists and grocery stores. We raise our own seedlings and use high tunnels to extend our growing season into the Winter. We specialize in high quality organic greens and seasonal produce. Most of the fieldwork is done by hand, but we have a tractor to do heavy lifting. We keep laying hens for eggs for ourselves and we keep bees for fun and pollination. In 2020, we will hire 3 - 4 apprentices to work with us."

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: 5/1/2019
Internship Ends: 11-28-19 or college students may end internship in August
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: 5/1/2019
Minimum Length of Stay: None

Internship Details:

“We have great opportunities for people interested in learning how a small, intensive organic farm functions. Apprentices will work on all aspects of the farm from seeding to transplanting, maintaining crops, composting, turning fields, the organic certification process, harvesting, washing, packing, marketing, and developing a local foods business. We are looking for apprentices who are available for either the whole growing season OR May through August for students.

We work a regular 5-day schedule Monday through Friday and expect to work around 50 hours on those days. We have rotating weekend chores so about one weekend per month apprentices are responsible for care of chickens, high tunnels, and greenhouse seedlings. Chores usually take around 2-3 hours each day. Physical labor is a constant, but is generally aerobic. Heavy labor is usually confined to the early part of the growing season.

Apprentices who enjoy the experience want to be physically active outdoors and spend free weekends exploring the area. In addition, to farmer’s markets and ice cream spots, there is plenty of hiking in the mountains and swimming in the rivers and lakes around the farm.”

Educational Opportunities: "Apprentices will learn by working alongside the farmers. We will also participate in the Foothill Farm Alliance. The FFA is a partnership of farms in Maine and NH to enhance learning opportunities for apprentices by regularly scheduled visits to participating farms. Visits will provide an overview of the farms operation and/or a detailed presentation on a particular aspect of the operation. This enables apprentices to check out what other farmers are doing and enhances learning (and social) opportunities. Apprentices may connect with each other to develop their own farming community. We will also have opportunities to attend MOFGA, NOFA-NH, and Cooperative Extension workshops in Maine and NH."

Skills Desired: "We appreciate experience, but most people who apply don't have experience beyond gardening. A positive attitude is the most important requirement. Prospective apprentices should appreciate a good challenge. A good sense of humor comes in handy. We expect apprentices to commit to a time period and follow through with their commitment. We expect a positive contribution and friendliness. We expect mistakes, and the willingness to do things again, and sometimes again after that. We expect apprentices will enjoy the experience and have fun."

Meals: "Apprentices will have access to farm products such as vegetables and herbs, as well as eggs, honey, and mushrooms. Apprentices bring their own lunch. We have communal meals on special occasions. "

Stipend: Stipends are based on experience and will range between $200 - $350 per week. Full season apprentices receive a week of paid vacation. We also hire full-time and part-time local hourly help ($9 - $12 per hour). Please send a letter of interest with availability along with resume and references for consideration. Health Insurance is available for year round employees/apprentices.

Housing: "We have two beautiful yurts situated on the farm. The yurts were built by Two Girls Farm in Acworth, NH (check out pictures on their website, they are really cool.) Yurts are private, furnished, have wide pine floors, wood stoves, and kitchenette. A screen house provides additional living space. A hot shower and outhouse complete the living area. Wifi is available in a workshop space nearby."

Preferred method of Contact: Email