Raindance Organic Farm- Ann Arbor, Michigan

Contact information
Farm Address:
2015 E. North Territorial Rd
Whitmore Lake , Michigan , 81403

Primary Contact: Kristen Muehlhauser
Primary Phone:
    Number: 734-747-3099
    Email: RaindanceOrganic@gmail.com

Website: https://www.raindanceorganic.com/internship

Internship information
General Farm Description: Raindance Organic Farm exists to serve our community by growing great organic produce and cut flowers, and by connecting children and adults with the beauty of nature and the gifts of wellness. In 2018 we became new stewards of a very old farm. Our farm spans 18 acres and we intensively cultivate 2 acres with two passive solar hoops, a garlic field, a flower field, a perennial patch, and our main annual production fields. We are certified organic through Oregon Tilth. The main way we seek to accomplish our purpose is through a family-on-the-farm program called the Family CSA Project. We raise 70+ vegetables and flowers from seed to maturity and open the farm twice each week for families, neighbors, and friends to gather in the gardens and harvest their own share of produce and flowers for 12 weeks in the summer season. To support the work of the farm, we also grow large crops of certified organic heirloom garlic and cut flowers, offering them at the Ann Arbor Farmer Market, Argus Farm Stop, and the Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative. About 50% of our business comes from our CSA and about 30% from farmer's markets. We have a fantastic, large group of Workshare members this year who will be helping out on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Our CSA member harvest times are Thursday mornings and Sunday evenings. Sunday will be a weekly farm picnic potluck with lots o' hoopin' and hollerin' and children running around eating freshly picked cucumbers. You are welcome to participate in all aspects of farm life when you join us here.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 5/1/2019
Internship Ends: 8/31/2019
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: until position is filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months (may be able to extend through October if interested)

Internship Details:

The internship is 40 hours/week. We'll all have at least one full day off every week, and most days we will work in the morning and aim to end by 2pm when the sun becomes most intense. This internship is focused on our organic vegetable and flower production, but if you're interested in helping with our small flock of chickens, let us know in the interview!

You will be essential to our farm operation in 2019, and we will happily give you real and independent responsibility in an area of your interest if you would like. We'll be working together with a great CSA Workshare crew to transplant seedlings, prep beds, seed roots & greens, prune tomatoes & cucumbers, harvest flowers & vegetables, and market them at local farmers markets. If you want to see what a second-year Market Garden diverse organic vegetable operation on newly purchased land looks like, join us! We use a BCS tractor (walking-tractor) for prepping beds, a Jang seeder for direct seeded crops, Farmer's Friend tunnels with trellises for our heat-loving crops, and Tend software for planning and recordkeeping. We're inspired by awesome sustainable farmers like JM Fortier, Curtis Stone, and Richard Perkins.

Educational Opportunities: Part of our purpose is providing education in sustainable agriculture and living. If you're interested in particular parts of farming (business planning, crop planning, technical info on crop production, hoophouses, greenhouse work, tractor repair, etc.), let us know during the interview and we'll do all we can to share what we know and give you opportunities to practice. During the four months you're here, we'd also love to share our favorite books, podcasts, Tend software, and online learning resources. "

Skills Desired: Prior experience in farm-scale production strongly preferred. If you have prior experience with seeding, greenhouse work, transplanting, pruning and trellising, let us know on your application. We're seeking positive, curious folks who: -are available the entire four months May through August -are reliable, prompt, courteous, and have experience working full-time at something challenging and rewarding -ask questions when uncertain how to do something -are motivated to learn as much as possible and get things done -love sharing stories and good conversation, but can also work independently for several hours when needed -enjoy being around children and feel comfortable working with kids and their families at the farm -love sunshine, hard work, and learning new things

Meals: You are welcome to harvest & eat all seasonal foods from the farm! It's one of the best parts of the farming life! Beginning July 7th the farm hosts CSA potlucks in our new solar pavilion every Sunday from 4-6pm during the member harvest.

Stipend: $300/week (plus a private 700 sq ft apartment and any of the organic produce we grow)

Housing: "We have a newly renovated 700 sq ft one-bedroom, one bathroom apartment on the farm above the garage that is all yours during your internship. There's also a parking spot for you outside the building and space to store a bike, sports gear, etc. Our farm is 12 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, home to hundreds of restaurants and great, free summer events every week. We're 10-15 minutes from Argo Cascades on the Huron River (canoeing, free river tubing), great swimming pools, the Arb & the Botanical Gardens, amazing libraries with lots of art workshops, Independence Lake County Park (our family's go-to for afternoon swims in summer), Planet Rock Climbing Gym, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, etc. We also have an AMAZING farmer community and we'll introduce you to all of our favorite local farmer friends on the first Tuesdays of the month at Social Farmer night.

Preferred method of Contact: Email