Sisters Hill Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
127 Sisters Hill Rd.
Stanfordville, New York, 12581

Primary Contact: David Hambleton
Primary Phone:
    Number: 845-868-7048



Internship information
General Farm Description: Sisters Hill Farm is a beautiful 380 member CSA located in the Hudson Valley of NY, now entering our 22nd year; we're seeking 2 apprentices for the 2021 season to complete our 4 person team.

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: April 1, 2021
Internship Ends: November 6, 2021
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: Open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: Full season, April 1 -- November 6th

Internship Details:

You will perform all aspects of what it takes to run a successful CSA. The vast majority of the work is harvesting. You will be kneeling quite a bit, often for multiple hours a day, so a strong back and core is essential, as are good knees. The job is physically demanding, but it’s also very rewarding. We get to feed grateful, happy members and share in their joy as they pick up their shares each week.
The apprenticeship will culminate with several opportunities to manage the farm for a week at a time. Working in consultation with the head grower you will decide what needs to be done and lead the team to make it happen. These practice weeks will help you asses your strengths and weaknesses and give you a real sense of how much you enjoy running a farm. Many apprentices over the years have said that this was the most valuable part of our apprenticeship and that it gave them the confidence to realize their farming dreams.

Educational Opportunities: Finding an apprentice for us is a serious matter. We don’t just want a warm body, we want a perfect fit, for you and us. With that in mind here are some of the things that distinguish Sisters Hill Farm Apprenticeship from many others. We’re experienced and successful. Now entering our 23nd year! We keep things simple. CSA is all we do. 300 full weekly share equivalents, 380 or so members. We’re efficient; our marketing, our wash/pack, our weeding, and our harvesting. We have developed scale appropriate systems that work. We care. About the community at large; our shares are generous and affordable, we offer free need based shares, as well as donations to food banks. The Sister of Charity own the farm and Dave has run it for them since year one. We let apprentices do things! Learn to drive the tractors, use all the tools. This is rare among apprenticeships but we want to show you what everything is like. We plan together, you get to see how we figure out what is most important to do, when, and why. We have check-ins and ways to measure your progress throughout the season. You get to practice being in charge! For the last 10 weeks of the season apprentices alternate getting to be in charge for a week at a time. We care about mentoring you so you can succeed in farming both here and beyond. Chance to advance to a second season and the potential to move into a management role.

Skills Desired: We’d love for you to have farm experience, but if you don’t we still welcome your application. Your core qualities are more important to us. We’ll teach you all you need to know. Here’s what you must have to succeed here: Enthusiasm, first and foremost! When I look back on all our years of apprentices, (over 40 of them have now graduated our program) the ones that stand out as the shining stars were the natural cheerleaders. The ones for whom the glass wasn’t just half full, it was overflowing. If you are this kind of person, I can’t wait to receive your application! Curiosity and openness--a beginner’s mind, a desire to learn and grow Friendly, outgoing, adventurous--unafraid to try new things Excellent communication skills--the ability to express your needs, ask questions, and generally engage with your work and the people around you Self motivated Highly organized Energetic Good with your hands--coordinated A planner A morning person The ability perform rigorous physical work for hours on end in extreme heat, cold and wet conditions Seriously considering farming as a career and believe you can make it happen A good sense of humor

Meals: Free access to excess farm produce.

Stipend: Yes, $12.50/hour 40 hours/week early season, 45 hours/week starting late May.

Housing: Yes, 3 bedroom apartment attached to barn.

Preferred method of Contact: email us at