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Solace Farm Homestead

Contact information
Farm Address:
PO Box 469
281 Solace Farm Rd
Coalmont, Tennessee , 37313

Primary Contact: Amy Rae
Secondary Contact: Caleb Rae

Primary Phone:
    Number: 9312357462

Secondary Phone
    Number: 9312357455



Internship information
General Farm Description: We are a 10-year-old, 90-acre family farm in rural TN. We are off-grid with solar power, wood heat, and well- and rain-water, and our focus is self-sufficiency and rehabilitating the land (a former strip-mine), and we are working toward actually make a living through our farm. I (Amy) have a thriving soap business and raise/homeschool our 3 boys (4, 7 & 10 years old), while Caleb occasionally works off-farm as a Physician Assistant and otherwise manages the farm. We currently have about 35 Scottish Highland cattle, 7 alpacas, and about 30 goat does, increasing to 80-100 total after kidding, and 16 sheep, all grassfed, and we mob-graze for most of the year. We direct-market beef and lamb, sell the goats live for meat, and use the alpacas and sheep for wool. We also sell duck eggs, and have strawberries, large raised-bed gardens and a 2100 sq. ft. hoophouse for year-round growing but especially winter. We sell at local farmers markets, and I also have an Etsy store (Solace Farm Homestead) and farm website ( Our focus currently is on self-sufficiency, as much as is practicable. We butcher everything but the cattle ourselves, and are working on the art of tanning hides – cow, goat, sheep, etc. We grow and preserve most of our own produce and meat, and have a young orchard and 2 beehives. We milk our goats for our own use and for soapmaking, and also have ducks for eggs and raise a batch of meat chickens most summers. Our management is holistic, sustainable, and as natural as possible. Our goals and ethics are in line with Joel Salatin, Ian Mitchell-Innes, Greg Judy, Eliot Coleman, Gene Logsdon, etc, and we are looking for someone who shares these philosophies and principles. We strive to improve our own lives through our farm, of course, but also feel called to share what we've learned here with others.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: As soon as details were worked out
Internship Ends: any length of internship is possible
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: Rolling
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Internship Details:

We are looking for longterm help, in any and all aspects of the farm – from daily livestock chores to projects (like more hoophouses) to cheesemaking to fiber work (alpaca and sheep) to soapmaking to marketing to farmer’s markets/craft fairs… The possibilities are numerous, we feel that a dedicated, enthusiastic intern would be able to find their niche here in any of the areas we would like help in. There are so many possibilities, please contact us to see if there’s a place for you!

Educational Opportunities: We focus on self-sufficiency, we are off-grid (solar, wood heat, and rainwater) - we built our own house and continue to do virtually all construction ourselves, we bake our own bread and pasta, make cheese, soap, can and dehydrate food, raise our own meat, eggs, and vegetables, spin yarn and knit from our alpacas and sheep - the list goes on. We love to share the knowledge we've accumulated and are always eager to improve what we know along with interns.

Skills Desired: No experience is necessary, although always welcome - we are more interested in enthusiasm, an ability to both work independently and take/follow directions, and good inter-personal skills. We have 3 young boys so being comfortable around/enjoying children is a must.

Meals: Yes, we standardly provide all meals, although we are flexible depending on intern's desires, and are open to balancing meals vs a small stipend.

Stipend: We are flexible on providing a small stipend depending on circumstances, we are happy to discuss options. For long and very-long-term interns, we would love to offer a profit-sharing agreement for facets of the farm that the intern was able to partially or largely assume management of.

Housing: Yes, a fully functioning 30'camper with a slide-out - it has working stove/oven, fridge, heat, lights, water heater, full bed plus 2 bunks, composting toilet, shower.

Preferred method of Contact: email