symbiosis tree farm

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Farm Address:

Comptche , California ,

Primary Contact: Sarah Brownstone
Secondary Contact: Josh Devries

Primary Phone:
    Number: 707-937-1449

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Internship information
General Farm Description: "We are 10 miles from the ocean in northern California, about 3 hours north of Sanfrancisco, in a little town called Comptche. This biome is a perfect sweet spot, not too hot, not too cool (the coast is often socked in with fog, and inland can get over 100 degrees). We have an establishing mother garden for future perennial/tree production as well as to trial varieties for this location. In the next 2 years we are hoping to develop a pond, swales, and plant many more trees and perennials. We are currently not producing trees on scale, but hope to in the near future if help and focus allow. we have milk goats, sheep, and chickens, all of which we try to rotationally manage to the best of our ability. Our work is heavily influenced by permaculture and regenerative farming, sustainabililty focus and beyond is our long term goal. We are operating currently as a homestead, with lots of annual production happening, there is plenty of room for a motivated person or couple to be involved in any aspect of the homestead and take it to the next level, for home or market production. The remoteness of the town can be a challenge for market gardening as well as socially for some folks, and having reliable transportation of your own is important. nearest grocery is 30 minute drive on winding roads with no shoulder, so sadly bike is really not an option. "

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 4/1/2018
Internship Ends:
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: all interested will start with a few days of working interveiw after which time they can return home while we decide if they are the right fit. folks from far away are discouraged as they would need a place to stay after interveiw while we decide if its t

Internship Details:

“Interested in someone who wants to grow their own food, ideally who is familiar with gardening and farming, and motivated to maintain/develop no till beds, learn about animals and trees, and start understanding how to utilize water on the landscape. Perfect if you've had experience in cooking from scratch and eating from the garden. The right person would be able to create their own niche, possibly longer term if personality and economy provide.”

Educational Opportunities: "Would be ideal for a serious tree geek, production livestock person, or individual interested in silvopasture or agriforestry systems, as that is currently the long term goal. lots of developed beds for annuals too but not a market farm. if you want to learn about any/ all aspects of a permaculture homestead this could be a good opportunity for you. could also be a niche for mushroom production or cider business if there was solid brewing experience. other focus' include no till, soil building and designing and installing drip irrigation systems"

Skills Desired: "Want able bodied folks who enjoy working hard and have had LABOR jobs before, good work ethic a must. Previous farm experience is great, but depending on other skills not a deal breaker if you dont have it, just need to want to learn it all. construction, natural building, fix-it skills are great, same with livestock experience. "

Meals: "Possibility of some shared meals, could have established structure, depends on individual. Our family (3 kids) eats meat and dairy, though all foods are almost exclusively organic. We also compost all food waste (or give it to chickens), so it would be ideal to have a similar ethos in this regard. open to structuring situation to include shared food for the right person if it's preferred."

Stipend: "There will be some work available for 15-20 dollars an hour on farm as well as work availble for the same in the surrounding community, depending on what you're willing and able to do. work trade for room and board. Open to anything you want to try as a small start up business that fits into the frame work. Much depends on skills and experience, so the structure of financial/housing agreement would adapt to the situation and individual"

Housing: "There is a space connected to our garage that with a little work could be made nice, and a couple other options that would be fine for the right person, and tenting is also an option for entire summer for shorter stays. own car a must as it is 30+ minute drive to the nearest town on winding country roads with no shoulder (not a good bike commute- locals drive crazily) "

Preferred method of Contact: phone or email