Tattered Tarp Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
265 Roundtree Rd
Curtis, Washington, 98538

Primary Contact: Hans Mizar
Primary Phone:
    Number: 7604846190
    Email: tatteredtarpfarm@gmail.com

Website: https://tattered-tarp-farm.yolasite.com/

Internship information
General Farm Description: **Please have a look at our website for more detailed information about us!** Tattered Tarp Farm is a work in progress. We are in the process of creating an agroecology focused community and land project and we are looking for people who are interested in helping us make a sustainable and meaningful way of life on 33 acres in southwest Washington state. We have a medium sized garden, two small dwellings, and are working on creating a food forest. Though we do not produce the majority of our food onsite, our goal is to do so as we get more help.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Now
Internship Ends: TBD
Number of Internship Available: 1-3
Application Deadline: N/A
Minimum Length of Stay: 1-2 months

Internship Details:

**Please have a look at our website, which has more detailed information about what we are looking for and who we are**
We are looking for people who have their own portable dwelling space such as a trailer or yurt who are interested in creating a self sustaining community with us. Our ideal candidate would be interested in a long term commitment, so they would have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the hard work we put in together. This is not a paid job but a chance to help design, create and live in a functional system and homestead. Some projects we have in mind are building a timberframe (with strawbale infill) workshop space/multipurpose building, small barn, paddock system, food forest, terraced native edibles, sauna, expanding gardens, and trail systems throughout the forest.
Your hours of work on these projects, or other projects that we co-create would be something we would discuss individually with each interested person based on how much time they want and are able to invest in shared projects. To a degree the work would be self directed and collaborative.
We are also open to more short term commitments and any other types of arrangements you may have in mind. We have big dreams and need help.

Educational Opportunities: Though we are not formally trained in farming or carpentry, we have gained some knowledge and skill from practice and research that we are more than happy to share. Hans has some experience with timberframing work and would like very much to share what they know and also learn together. We also have a modest library of books on a variety of agricultural and political topics we love to share.

Skills Desired: Someone who has experience in and enjoys tasks that involve a chainsaw or require power tools would be a plus, as this is a skill and interest that is lacking in current participants. Hans knows how to use a chainsaw and other various loud machines but does not enjoy using them very much. This is not a requirement just a bonus. Business minded folks could be helpful. We would prefer to hear from interested parties who have some experience living rurally, with less access to amenities, and have a desire to communicate directly. Any useful skills are a plus, but lack of experience need not discourage you from applying.

Meals: This is something that we would need to discuss further with individuals. We are interested in sharing meals and food preparation duties with others.

Stipend: We do not. What we can currently offer is a rent free space for your dwelling, and an opportunity to work on projects that could become a source of income through the land and the work we do there.

Housing: a rent free space for your housing is provided

Preferred method of Contact: email