Valley Roots Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
7180 Valley Pike
Middletown, Virginia, 22645

Primary Contact: Tyler H Wakeman
Primary Phone:
    Number: 5406862038


Internship information
General Farm Description: Valley Roots Farm is a chemical-free regenerative farm, focused on living soils and healthy ecosystems. They pride themselves on growing the highest quality produce and raising the happiest chickens, hogs, and cows. Improving the land is always on their mind, as they rotate all animals and produce throughout the year. All livestock is raised on pasture and fed all-natural NON-GMO feed. All animals are antibiotic and hormone free.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 9/9/21
Internship Ends: 12/31/26
Number of Internship Available: 1-10
Application Deadline: Asap.
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 years, hopefully 5+ years

Internship Details:

Land/Equipment/Farm Lease Opportunity

Over an acre of permanent raised beds with well for irrigation. 55 cu yards of mushroom compost to spread. Heated nursery, two – 24×96′ double poly high tunnels with electric and water hydrant, cold storage/pack shed, dry equipment shed for your gear, 732 BCS w/ tiller and precisoin depth roller, five 40’x100′ tarps (varying conditions), overhead xcel wobblers with header hoses for irrigation, drip tape avail, 100+ 72/128 cell seed trays, Seeds!, paperpot transplanter, 40+ paperpot trays, 3 open paperpot chain boxes (CP303, LP303-10, LP303-15), Paperpot Quick Drop Seeder, jang seeder, earthway seeder, 3′, 7′, 15′ wide landscape fabric with holes for crops, greens harvester, wash station, harvest totes. Plants already in ground, and sat/sun markets already locked down – could make income quick.

$1200/month (includes electric.) Room to expand possibly.

As my already purchased supplies run out (seed, soil, fertilizer, straw, plastic, fuel, propane, paperpot chains, plastic, packaging, etc), YOU are responsible for replenishing.

Educational Opportunities: Run your own market garden, sell at year round markets.

Skills Desired: 3+ years ideally. Come with a business plan/planting calendar/sales forecast.

Meals: What you grow. Discounted pork, beef, venison, and chicken raised on site.

Stipend: Everything over $1200/mon.

Housing: RV electric hook up is available at additional fee. 275 IBC tanks avail for water.

Preferred method of Contact: Cell/Text