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Farm Address:
25451 East Lane
Covelo, California, 95428

Position Description:
Bio-dynamic community farm crew position is in the epic Round Valley! Stipend, meals, housing, WIFI, experiential education provided. Join skilled crew members, 2 farmers, numerous volunteers, animals and livestock on this unique, legendary, biodynamic farm. Fun fact! Live Power is one of the first community supported agriculture farms in California, started in 1974. Come seize the opportunity to work and…

Internship Starts: As soon as possible
Internship Ends: November 24, 2021


Farm Address:
14665 County Road 42B
Guinda, California, 95637

Position Description:
We are looking for farmers to participate in the wide array of activities that we have going on at Pasture 42. Work hours may fluctuate and are dependent on the time of year and farm needs. Our work is rooted in organic, regenerative agricultural practices, so applicants should have a philosophical and operational agreement with such methods. We prefer people…

Internship Starts: Year-round
Internship Ends: None


Farm Address:
7825 Fox Hill Lane
Newcastle, California, 95658

Position Description:
We are looking for 2 hardworking farm interns, preferably a couple, to join our team for the summer of 2021! We grow 15 acres of organic citrus, plums, apples, and pears as well as cucumbers and squash. This internship requires a 40 hour work week at $325/week/person with housing provided. Interns are responsible for a variety of farm tasks including,…

Internship Starts: May 15 - June 1st, 2021
Internship Ends: October 15, 2021 - extension possible based on positive work review


Farm Address:
PO Box 535
Hamilton City, California, 95951

Position Description:
We are looking for general help on the farm, doing lots of things! Sheep care, dog care, equipment operation and maintenance, pruning, weeding, mulching, compost production, order fulfillment, harvesting nuts, rice and oranges, and more!

Internship Starts: Immediately
Internship Ends: no end date


Farm Address:
PO Box 1392
Willow Creek, California, 95573

Position Description:
Spring is here and we would like to add a couple more crew members to our team. Are you interested in learning about organic agriculture while on the job? We are looking for motivated people who can handle the physical requirements of farm work as well as bring a positive presence to our farm. Duties may include hand weeding, hoeing,…

Internship Starts: 04/25/2021
Internship Ends: 11/30/2021


Farm Address:
KING CITY, California, 93930

Position Description:
Do you like local food and supporting small family-farms? Sol Seeker Farm is seeking a motivated and responsible individual to fill our Pastured Poultry Production and Marketing Assistant position. This person will be responsible for delivering products to Santa Cruz 1-2 days a week and working farmers markets on weekends in San Jose Area, and proving on-farm production support, such…

Internship Starts: April 15, 2021
Internship Ends: TO BE DETERMINED


Farm Address:
11630 dairy road
Chico, California, 95973

Position Description:
Our Farm Crews tasks include, field cultivation, planting, irrigation systems, harvesting, post-harvest handling, distribution, Farm stand management. The majority of work requires the physical capability to contribute daily in a rigorous, fast paced agricultural setting; creating an incredibly rewarding, yet demanding work environment and life experience. Crew members are responsible for all daily farm operations. Field work includes: Greenhouse and…

Internship Starts: March 15
Internship Ends: Oct 1


Farm Address:
2301 East Hill Rd.
Willits, California, 95490

Position Description:
Green Uprising Farm welcomes interns who are eager to learn what it will take to farm in a way that is deeply sustainable, that is as resilient as possible in the face of climate change, and that serves the community in which we live. For the 2021 farming season we will offer a 6-month internship (April to September) which includes…

Internship Starts: April 1
Internship Ends: Sept 30


Farm Address:
13731 Sun Forest Drive
Penn Valley, California, 95946

Position Description:
This is a seasonal farm work position. You will be involved in every area of the farm from the greenhouse to the farmers markets. We explain our goals and why we are engaging in the tasks at hand. With the help of our returning crew and crew leader (Lily Kingsbury) we foster a hardworking but fun environment. We are happy…

Internship Starts: 5/1/21
Internship Ends: 10/31/21


Farm Address:
5488 Middle Road
Tomales, California, 94971

Position Description:
Goat and Sheep Dairy Apprentices!! Learn everything there is to know about goat and sheep animal husbandry (kidding/lambing, breeding, vaccinations, pasture rotation), milking, cheese making and organic land management. We are looking for KIND, hard working individuals who want a career in sustainable agriculture. We are passionate about training the next generation. There isn't a much more dynamic farming community…

Internship Starts: 2/15/21
Internship Ends: 8/15/21


Farm Address:
8220 Grizzly Flat Rd
Somerset, California, 95684

Position Description:
Position 1: nursery and microgreen production leader mixed with harvesting and cultivation. * Primary task of producing nursery grown plant starts for on farm crops as well as production and harvesting of micro greens. This person should be hard working, organized, schedule oriented, and have a desire to grow high quality seedling starts and micro greens. Paying attention to detail…

Internship Starts: Spring 2021
Internship Ends: Late Fall 2021


Farm Address:
2563 Rumsey Canyon Rd.
Rumsey, California, 95679

Position Description:
Interns participate in all aspects of farm life, from milking cows and goats to making cheese, raising chicks, cleaning the chicken coop and barn, slaughtering animals for food, mowing, weeding, planting and harvesting, pruning the orchard, harvesting and packing produce for sale, and attending weekly farmer's markets. Interns also rotate with the 2 farm families through meal cook and clean…

Internship Starts: January-March 2022
Internship Ends: October-December 2022


Farm Address:
19020 State Highway 36 West
Red Bluff, California , 96080

Position Description:
Seasonal Field Farmers will participate in all areas of production in our market garden. This will include everything from greenhouse work to bed turns, broad forking, amending, seeding, transplanting, cultivating/weeding, harvesting and storing produce, and all of the necessary record keeping. Field farmers will also assist with some watering responsibilities and maintenance of our native hedgerows. One or two farmers…

Internship Starts: March or April 2021 (depending on position)
Internship Ends: November or December 2021 (depending on position)


Farm Address:
PO BOX 778
Happy Camp, California, 96039

Position Description:
This is a full-time immersive experience in every step of maintaining an annual vegetable farm, from tilling the field in the spring through sowing cover crop in the fall, growing the starts in the greenhouse to selling the resulting vegetables at market. This internship opportunity is aimed at people who are looking to build the foundational skills necessary to operate…

Internship Starts: 3/1/21
Internship Ends: 11/1/21


Farm Address:
7914 State Hwy 36
Carlotta, California , 95528

Position Description:
Our program is a hands-on, intensive training for future farmers, regenerative land stewards, and aspiring land-based entrepreneurs. Let us be clear: YOU WILL WORK. HARDER THAN YOU HAVE EVER WORKED BEFORE.. AND, IT WILL BE FUN!! Expect to work 35-50 hours a week, depending on where we’re at in the season, or an average of 45 hours a week. (Work…

Internship Starts: 03/29/21
Internship Ends: 12/04/21


Farm Address:
14579 Blind Shady Road
Nevada City, California, 95959

Position Description:
Interns work Monday through Friday, 8+ hours per day, two Saturday farmers markets per month, and occasional minor irrigation duties after-hours. We average a 40-hour work week over the season, with slightly shorter weeks in spring and fall, and slightly longer weeks at the height of summer. Internships at Mountain Bounty Farm are challenging, highly sought after, and immensely rewarding.…

Internship Starts: March 29, 2021
Internship Ends: November 20, 2021


Farm Address:
11356 Road 5 1/2
FIREBAUGH, California, 93622

Position Description:
This is a perfect opportunity for the first time internship. Interns will be involved in the every day aspect of running a small farm and goat dairy. They will have hands on experience with animal husbandry, Bee Keeping, growing and administrating herbal remedies, milking and making fresh cheese. They will learn how to plant and grow a vast array of…

Internship Starts: Open
Internship Ends: Open


Farm Address:
41601 Mountain View Road
Point Arena, California , 95468

Position Description:
Our apprenticeship is an educational, hands-on experience in small-scale organic agriculture. Minimum 35 hours per week of field work and occasional educational discussions and field trips. Extensive practice in agricultural skills, from planning and field preparation through planting, weeding, harvesting and marketing, with opportunities to delve more deeply into areas of interest. Expect a serious, production-focused work environment and lots…

Internship Starts: April 2nd, 2021
Internship Ends: November 19th, 2021


Farm Address:
12242 Meridian Rd
chico, California , 95973

Position Description:
We offer full time employment, while being immersed in the daily and seasonal flow of a successful farm operation. The positions are for full-time employment and is paid at $13/hr. On farm housing is free including power. We also offer bonuses and pay for unused sick leave. Our wage,performance bonuses,and free housing brings your compensation to a value of over…

Internship Starts: Feb 15 2021
Internship Ends: feb 15 2022 or longer


Farm Address:
14579 Blind Shady Rd.
Nevada City, California , 95959

Position Description:
Interns are a core element of our 12-14 person farm crew and they participate in all farm activities from greenhouse work to harvest, delivery, and farmer's markets. Interns work closely with the farm managers to maintain our complex and dynamic vegetable farm. This includes driving tractors, seeding, transplanting, lots of weeding and other crop care, irrigation, harvest, washing and packing…

Internship Starts: 3/29/2021
Internship Ends: 11/20/2021


Farm Address:
15290 Coleman Valley Rd
Occidental, California , 95465

Position Description:
Come live, learn, work and play with us in 2021! We are accepting applications now for the 2021 Facilities Internship.* This is a unique opportunity to live and work in a thriving land-based community and non-profit February through mid-December 2021. Interns work 25 hours per week in their department in exchange for a private cabin to live in, use of…

Internship Starts: February
Internship Ends: Mid-December


Farm Address:
5940 Fredricks Rd
Sebastopol, California , 95472

Position Description:
Working closely with farmer Leslie WIser, you will gain immediate hands-on experience in a learning-by-doing environment. This is a full-time program involving strenuous physical work 5 days a week, 6-8 hours per day. As a small family farm, you will be given the opportunity to work in all roles of the farm, and will not be relegated to only one…

Internship Starts: August 15, 2020
Internship Ends: December 19, 2020


Farm Address:
PO Box 1951
Murphys, California , 95247

Position Description:
Now Seeking 2 Farm Interns. Ideal candidates will have integrity, great attention to detail, problem solving skills, physical stamina and strength. Interns take part in all farm operations, including seeding, transplanting, greenhouse production, field preparation, cultivation, careful efficient harvesting for maximum crop quality, pruning the orchard, washing and packing for customers, distribution of produce, and interaction with customers at market.…

Internship Starts: March/April 2020
Internship Ends: November 2020


Farm Address:
655 Willowside Rd
Santa Rosa, California , 95401

Position Description:
Interns will be working along side the farmer, with volunteers and on their own. Chores and responsibilities will include milking, planting, weeding, harvesting, mowing, tractor fieldwork, feeding, fencing, and general day to day farming. Because of the proximity of the school, there is a strong emphasis of cleanliness and organization. Each apprentice will have two days off a week.

Internship Starts: ASAP
Internship Ends: 12 months from Start Date


Farm Address:
26870 Moody Road
Los Altos Hills, California , 94022

Position Description:
Program Benefits Hidden Villa’s Residential Internship Program is contributing to the next generation of green educators, innovative farmers, and thoughtful nonprofit leaders. As a participant in this program you will gain: Training and experience working on a farm at an educational non-profit Access to the Hidden Villa Intern Alumni network and mentorship opportunities to further career goals Professional Development –…

Internship Starts: April 6,2020
Internship Ends: January 29, 2021