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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Delta Sol Farm
2294 Lake Rest Road
Proctor, AR 72376

Contact: Brandon Pugh

Phone: 901-288-8478

Email: deltasolfarm@gmail.com

Website: http://www.deltasolfarm.com

Last Updated: 10-03-2013

General Description: Delta Sol Farm is a small certified organic vegetable and cut flower farm located in eastern Arkansas. We also raise a handful of sheep, pigs and cows. We are 25 minutes from downtown Memphis, TN. We do a Saturday farmers market and we also have a CSA.

Internship Starts: March 2014
Internship Ends: November 2013
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: one week

Meals: We eat together occasionally, and depending on your cooking experience, we could do that more often. Food from the garden and the freezer are available for you.

Skills Desired: Work at Delta Sol Farm is diverse, ranging from greenhouse seedling production, high tunnel salad greens culture, field crop planting, weeding, and harvesting. There’s also building and moving livestock fencing and livestock. Employees are often called upon to do different and sometimes tedious jobs in all kinds of weather. Be prepared for hard physical labor. Most job training will be done by me. It is important to remember that no matter how simple, tedious, or insignificant a task may appear, everything that you do is important to the overall success of the farm. Also, you may have done similar work on other farms, but we have ways of doing things here so please learn how to do them the Delta Sol way. Farming is production work. The farm earns money by what is actually produced and sold. Since production per hour or day is very important, employees are expected to work quickly and efficiently, to keep up with the pace set by the employers or to work quickly on their own. Conversation during work is a benefit of farm work, but please be aware of keeping your hands moving while you talk. Efficient production is critical to the success of the farm. Another thing to remember is on a farm there is rarely nothing to do. If a task is completed before another task is assigned, make use of your time by doing another odd job such as cleaning up the packing house, weeding or sweeping up the greenhouse. Employees may be asked to work around machinery and should exercise caution when doing so. I will be doing most all of the tractor work for safety reasons. You may be required to use a weed eater. I will also be using the chainsaw for the most part. Please be careful and safe at all times including drinking water and using sun protection. Please be on time, call if you are unable to make it to work. Being on time means meeting at the harvest shed at designated time ready to work. Please use cell phones sparingly while at work. Bring a water bottle, lunch or snacks, and appropriate clothing for the weather and task.

Educational Opportunities: proper crop planning, greenhouse production, record keeping, pest control, soil management, planting techniques, harvesting techniques, post harvest handling, CSA production, including marketing and record keeping; farmers markets, including how to have a kick ass stand every time at all times; flower production, including bouquet making; livestock management; fence building, including electric; some tractor skills; and on and on and on

Stipend: For those staying longer we can work up to a stipend. For shorter stays we offer a great place to live and learn.

Housing: Interns have their own room in a trailer located down the road from the farm.

Preferred method Of Contact: email

Internship Details: We are looking for folks who are ready to come and work hard. We work on the farm 5.5 days a week. Interns are involved with all as aspects of farm business. Including planting, weeding, harvesting, cleaning, packing, and selling farm produce. Interns will also be involved with animal chores.


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