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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Summer Kitchen Family Farm
3702 Wilson Hollow Rd
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Contact: Mariah White, Ira White

Phone: 479-263-9965

Email: summerkitchenfarm@gmail.com

Website: http://www.summerkitchenfarm.org

Last Updated: 12-27-2015

General Description: We have a bio-intensive 18 acre farm located a few miles south of downtown Fayetteville - the best of country and city life. Currently we are raising 200+ free ranging chickens, 13 pigs on pasture, 2 children, and 9 dairy cows. All of our animals are hormone and antibiotic free and are fed non-GMO feed. We also tend a 1.5 acre vegetable garden, all naturally. Year round we participate in local farmers markets and provide CSA's

Internship Starts: March 1 - April 1
Internship Ends: October 15
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: Apply anytime
Minimum Length of Stay: 6.5 months for interns, shorter stays available for volunteers

Meals: Our diet consists mainly of what we grow and raise (lots of eggs, milk,cheese, veggies, and meat). We happily accommodate most diet restrictions. Interns, volunteers and owners rotate cooking schedules.

Skills Desired: A sense of adventure and positive attitude are at the top of the list! We love what we do and try to keep things upbeat. All that said, farm work is a physical work out - you need to be able to lift 50+ lbs and be outside in extreme temperatures.

Educational Opportunities: Our bio intensive garden is a great place to learn hands on about: compost building, soil structure, crop rotation, pest and disease management, soil amendments, planting and harvesting schedules, cultivation, mulching, etc. We are always researching, trying new things and sharing/exchanging ideas with other farmers. Interns also attend any farmers market or CSA meetings. There is also the opportunity to learn about humanely raising: chickens, hogs and dairy cows. Getting to be a part of the community here has been a big perk for interns and volunteers, with over 60 regular milk customers and several local volunteers that come out to the farm weekly plus attending farmers market gives lots of opportunity meet and connect with tons of cool people. 2016 will be our 6th year in production, each year has been an amazing adventure in growth and learning. Having great interns has been a huge part of our success and we are so incredibly appreciative of them all!

Stipend: $100/week along with room and board for a full season commitment.

Housing: Accommodations are separate sleeping quarters with a communal kitchen.

Preferred method Of Contact: email, phone

Internship Details: Interns get to take part in our entire diverse operation, this includes:planting, harvesting,hay hauling, washing and packing for CSAs, farmers markets and restaurants, and will also include weekly CSA pick up staffing, attending farmers market, newsletter writing, record keeping as well as milking and care taking for cows, hogs and chickens.


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