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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Arkansas Natural Produce
20627 Hwy 84
Malvern, AR 72104 - 8144

Contact: Jay Fulbright, Deanna Fulbright

Phone: 501-865-1331

Email: sweetwater@catc.net

Last Updated: 03-24-2015

General Description: Our fifteen acre farm is located in the Ouachita Mountain foothills in Hot Spring County, about 15 minutes from the city of Hot Springs. It is sited in a scenic creek valley with pasture and creek side hardwoods. The farm operations began in 1988, and moved to this site in 1999.

Arkansas Natural Produce is a year-round, specialty crop operation centered on 50000 sq ft of greenhouse space, supplemented by some outdoor field crops. We farm using organic practices; no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives are used on our farm. Our principle crops, which are produced year-round, are baby lettuces, salad greens, herbs, micro greens and edible flowers. We also grow a wide variety of crops seasonally such as peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, broccoli, kale and many other vegetables. Arkansas Natural Produce is a intensively managed farm for fine dining restaurants, retail grocery stores and on-line farmer’s markets. This is very efficiently managed operation with an excellent crew using time tested systems to insure top quality and profitability.

This internship program is designed for people who want to farm on their own, but need knowledge and experience to be successful. There are also management positions available for those that complete the internship but are not ready to establish their own farm operation. The minimum commitment is one year, but two years is recommended.

Internship Starts: When positions are filled
Internship Ends: After minimum 1 year stay
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: none
Minimum Length of Stay: One year, two year recommended

Meals: Kitchen provided, with food from farm. Also, we have monthly crew dinner parties at the farm or nearby lake.

Skills Desired: Required: High School Degree; very good physical condition; ability and willingness to work in temperature extremes when necessary; ability and willingness to work low to the ground (baby lettuces are small!); great attitude and personality; ability to work in team setting; good driving record; efficient and conscientious work ethic, and good attention to detail; basic computer skills; personal transportation; resume and references

Preferred: Undergraduate degree; at least 24 yrs old (for company driver’s insurance); previous farming experience

Educational Opportunities: An intern will learn and engage in the entire production cycle, including fertilization, soil preparation, cultivation, pest monitoring and control, transplant production and planting, etc. They will also learn and perform harvesting and proper post-harvest handling, inventory management, crop packing, packing room management, marketing, invoicing and other computer work, delivery and customer relations. If the interns are a couple or partners, there may be a division of labor that would reflect what they anticipate on their future operation. For example, one would concentrate on production and one would concentrate on marketing.

Stipend: $250 per week, with raises as responsibilities increase.

Housing: Provided. First, a big travel trailer, then a small house. Electricity and water provided. Telephone is responsibility of the intern.

Preferred method Of Contact: email first, or phone

Internship Details: This program is designed for couples, partners or individuals with the goal of becoming independent farmers or farm managers. It is an intensive plan that provides a real life farming experience. After the first several months of training, the interns will be expected to run most day to day farm operations (in partnership with the permanent crew) with a minimum of supervision. As the interns gain skills, they will be given increasing responsibilities until their experience is as close as possible to managing their own farm operation. Work hours average 50 to 55 hrs per week, with full duties Monday thru Friday and a few hours Saturday and Sunday (this would primarily involve greenhouse inspection and internet marketing;light duties as if it were the intern’s own farm) . We accommodate requests for full-weekends off and occasionally longer time-off when practical.


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