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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Sycamore Bend Farm
Eureka Springs, AR

Contact: Andrew Schwerin

Email: andrewschwerin@gmail.com

Website: http://www.facebook.com/oakhillfarming

Last Updated: 12-01-2014

General Description: 10 acre diversified organic vegetable farm in a creek valley. Established vegetable production business, with a sustainable “homesteading” focus.

The farm is vegetable intensive: high (organic) fertility in a very small cultivated area (1/2 acre) produces very high sales and profit with a lot of human labor, very little machine use, minimal pests and weeds. Vegetable and small fruit production is the focus. We also manage sheep (meat), cows, goats (dairy), chickens (eggs), ducks (meat and eggs), fish (aquaponics and meat), bees (pollination and honey), and consider the local flora and fauna. We are in many ways a permaculture farm but not labeled as such. We are labeled as certified organic. We live in a yurt.

Internship Starts: 3-21-15
Internship Ends: 11-18-15
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: sooner the better
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Meals: produce and stipend for shopping provided. occasional shared meals.

Skills Desired: physically fit, a serious interest in vegetable production, cabin deposit

Educational Opportunities: What you can learn: Growing vegetables in the south central US, building a farm with small investment and running a profitable farm with small expenses, homesteading skills from cooking to animal care to basic building and shop skills, exposure to northwest Arkansas, life choices

Stipend: Commiserate with experience and workload. At minimum, enough to cover basic living expenses.

Housing: Nice cabin on the creek available (with deposit) for season-long stay, 800 feet away from farm.

Rudimentary yurt in the woods is also a possibility for shorter stays.

Preferred method Of Contact: email

Internship Details: Farming practices, infrastructure, and markets are well established and running smoothly. We are seeking more personal time especially with a second child on the way. We are looking for 1 to 3 self-motivated, hard-working people with a commitment to doing what needs done for a growing season.


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