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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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5000 Meadowcreek Rd
Fox, AR 72051

Contact: Jim Worstell, Leesa Johnson

Phone: 870-363-4288

Email: MeadowcreekValley@Gmail.com

Website: http://www.MeadowcreekValley.Wordpress.Com

Last Updated: 05-11-2015

General Description: How would you like to spend the summer learning, writting and practicing resilience and sustainanble agriculture in a pristine 1600 acre valley in the Ozark mountains? This internship is part of a multi-year project exploring resilience in southern agroecosystems. Meadowcreek is a training and demonstration center surrounded by a wildlife reserve located near Fox, Arkansas. With a three-mile long valley rimmed on both sides by high, rocky bluffs rising 500 feet above the canyon floor, it offers rich farmland, 1,200 acres of mixed hardwoods and evergreens, and abundant water including a year round spring. Over the blazing summer you'll enjoy Meadowcreeks unique micro-climate where most of our houses don't need air conditioning. Moreover, when it does become too hot we have multiple year round swimming holes of beautiful turquoise water.

Internship Starts: 05-01-15
Internship Ends: 10-01-15
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Meals: Provided. Lunch and dinner and work day breakfast will be prepared on a cyclical basis with all members contributing to meals, either cooking or cleaning. Friendly to vegetarian diets, though meat is a common protein for other members of the community.

Skills Desired: Critical reading and writing skills, capability to use most farm implements, previous experience in one or many of the different projects currently offered at Meadowcreek, program development skills and/or media skills for advertising products and opportunities

Educational Opportunities: You will learn about: food forests in a temperate climate; mushroom production both indoors and out (including cultivating/isolating spawn); agricultural resilience theory, research and training; harvesting and processing wild herbs into tinctures and salves; and planting and harvesting a CSA garden.

Stipend: N/A. May lead to paid position with the resilience project

Housing: You will choose between a dormitory with certified kitchen or sharing the Resilience House with other Meadowcreekers. Both options have private rooms, shared bathroom and shared kitchen. Meadowcreek is nestled within a nature preserve and before you will be living in a heavily wooded, hilly area that is home to both beneficial and poisonous snakes. Some of our work clearing trails will require the removal of thorny brush and you may encounter poison ivy, which we keep medical cream around for!

Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: You will be helping Meadowcreek to become more resilient and sustainable as you help us research resilience in Southern agroecosystems. Tasks will include: growing and processing food for an organic CSA; helping edit a book on resilience and an interactive website; developing trail systems; producing and harvesting mushrooms for a variety of markets; and developing and cultivating food forest plots. During your internship you’ll be provided periodic ventures into larger cities for state, regional and national meetings and of course the local folk music epicenter Mountain View, AR.


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