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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Cognito Farm
18806 NE 21st Pl
Starke, FL 32091

Contact: David Griffis

Phone: 904-796-8040

Email: info@cognitofarm.com

Website: http://www.cognitofarm.com/Cognito_Farm/Home.html

Last Updated: 08-12-2015

General Description: Cognito Farm is a pasture based operation who specializes in Pastured Poultry, Forest and Pasture Raised Pork, Pasture Raised Eggs, and Grass Fed Beef. We have sustainable practices and we take great pride in our work. We don't use anything unnatural on our land or in our animals. We supplement the animals (not the beef) food intake with verified non-GMO grains. All of our animals get grazed rotationally and we always keep them moving away from their excrement from the days before. We utilize electric fences to manage the movements of the animals and to keep predators away from them at the same time.

Internship Starts: 09-01-2015
Internship Ends: 12-31-2015
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 09-15-2015
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months

Meals: Cognito Farm will provide you with 2 meals a day and we will give you eggs and sausage/bacon for your breakfast meals. You will be expected to cook breakfast for yourself.

Skills Desired: Any skills are appreciated, but not necessary. You will NEED to be physically able to lift 50-100 pounds and move it short distances. You will NEED to have the ability to work in the hot sun. You will NEED to be physically able to work long hours.

Educational Opportunities: While here, you will learn to manage pastured poultry, forest and pasture raised pork, pasture raised eggs, and you will get a little beginner information on grass fed beef. You will learn how to manage electric fencing and how to process chickens for meat. We will show you what goes into the farming and marketing of this kind of product. Everything we do is geared to be successful in a southern/sub-tropical climate. Everything you will learn will prepare you to do what we do.

Stipend: We will provide you with $100 per month stipend. Also, when you arrive, we will buy you a pair of rubber boots and work gloves.

Housing: You will be provided a room and bed. Bring your own pillow and blankets/sheets.

Preferred method Of Contact: email

Internship Details: Cognito Farm interns will be expected to be on time all the time and motivated. We expect our interns to take their education seriously and to be motivated. This is a 4 month position and we want motivated folks to come and learn. Did I mention motivation? We love teaching and we want guys and gals who wan to learn. After your 4 month internship, we may offer you a year long apprenticeship where you will get to perfect your skills before you go out on your own.


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