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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Pike Valley Farm
714 Pike Lane
Lancaster, KY 40444

Contact: Alan Pike, Kyla Clements

Phone: 859-582-4624

Email: alan@pikevalleyfarm.com, kyla@pikevalleyfarm.com

Website: http://pikevalleyfarm.com/internships/

Last Updated: 03-21-2017

General Description: Come gain years of experience in a single season! Pike Valley Farm is one of the best Certified Organic Pasture based livestock farms in the country. We specialize in teaching you the skills you need to run your own farm! We touch lives daily by producing 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and pastured poultry. We use the Polyface model and our Farm Manager trained under Joel Salatin at Polyface farm in Virginia. We direct market to area restaurants, grocery stores, colleges, school systems, local buying clubs and through on-farm sales. We manage 250 acres on the beautiful Herrington Lake in Kentucky. Full access to the lake is included!

Internship Starts: NOW
Internship Ends: Four Month Internship
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline: Apply Now
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 Months

Meals: We have the occasional group lunch or dinner. Meals are on your own with meat provided. Garden space is available for growing extra veggies. Basic food staples are also provided.

Skills Desired: Attitude is everything. If you have a great attitude, you will do very well. While previous farm experience might prove helpful, it is not necessary. Many previous interns had no farm backgrounds and they are now running their own operations full time. Beyond this, our farm is seeking people with a strong work ethic and a genuine interest in agriculture. Ideal candidates would balance self-motivation with a willingness to seek and accept direction (You are here to learn, and we take our responsibility to teach very seriously.)

Educational Opportunities: Interns can expect to learn about all aspects of production, handling, and distribution of pastured livestock, and high quality meats. Moving chickens, cows, and pigs daily to fresh pasture. In addition to on the job training, interns will have many opportunities for spontaneous learning and informal discussions concerning varied agricultural topics. As well as access to books, video libraries, and lectures.

Stipend: $100/month to cover misc. expenses. End of season bonus of $10,000 for those selected to complete a 12 month Apprenticeship term. (By invite only, after completing 4 month internship)

Housing: Your housing is provided on farm. Internet access included. Full kitchen provided. Great community with great people.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email us or Call. We will email you a short questionnaire, and follow up from there!

Internship Details: Pike Valley Farm's internship program provides training in all areas of our diversified operation. This is a working farm, and you can expect to work hard if you want to get the most out of this experience. Interns will be expected to work 55 hrs/wk, in conditions that are challenging and physically demanding. Having said all this, we are committed to education and seeing our interns excel in the world of farming. If you are selected, we will do whatever it takes to see you leave ready to run a farm. Several interns have stayed with us following their internships because they learned so much. Others are now managing farms or businesses of their own. That is why an internship beats out a college ag experience every time!


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