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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Barr Farms
2440 Popham Rd
Rhodelia, KY 40161

Contact: Adam Strobel Barr, Rae Strobel Barr

Phone: 859-608-6458

Email: adambarr@gmail.com, joyfuljourneys@gmail.com

Website: http://www.localharvest.org/csa/M15623

Last Updated: 02-03-2016

General Description: We are a 275-acre multi-generational family farm. The farm has been in the family for seven generations, so has seen many transitions over the years. Currently, Adam's family live on the place, but Adam is the only one farming full time.

We raise vegetables, pastured poultry, pastured pork, eggs, and beef for our friends and family. We raise about 2,000 broiler chickens per year. We have 350 laying hens on pasture, with a converted school bus as the "egg-mobile." We love building creative infrastructure with what is available. Our current project is a Rocket Mass Heater to heat our greenhouse. We are exploring options with neighbor farmers to begin to grow Non-GMO grains for our livestock.

The cattle are in transition—they are mainly managed by our uncle in a traditional way, but we are working with him to do more intensive grazing. We love good food, community, sunshine, soil and water. We get our drinking water from a nearby spring, and have an artisan well.

We are located in rolling fields with some forest, caves, and springs nearby, as well as the Ohio River, 3 miles from our land. We also have a swimming pond with a dock for fishing.

Our market is one hour away in Louisville, KY, where many of our friends reside. We go in to market twice per week for CSA deliveries. Our CSA is our community and we look for every chance to meet new people and share experiences.

Internship Starts: March 1
Internship Ends: Flexible
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: ASAP
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 Months

Meals: We will provide plenty of food from the farm: meat, veggies and eggs. Other staples will be provided as required. Breakfast is on your own before chores. Lunch is a shared meal that we take turns preparing, and dinner will either be shared or on your own.

Skills Desired: We are looking for someone who is a hard worker, a good communicator, positive-minded and open-hearted. Apprentices can both learn and teach, and we are looking for someone who can share in the work load of the entire farm. Experience is desirable, but a willing heart is more important. A farm visit is a MUST for anyone interested in an apprenticeship. NOTE: Hard work is expected. Most days will start at 630 or 7. There will be days when we work sun-up to sun-down, and there will be days when we work in 100 degree heat.

Educational Opportunities: Education is important to us though much of it takes place in an informal setting. We love to discuss the work, what folks are reading, policy and new ideas. (We have developed quite a farm library over the years) Long days of work are a given, but there will be plenty of time to discuss farming techniques, politics, social movements, CSA start-up, farm finances, etc, either while we work or while we eat or while we rest.

Learning field trips to other farms through an extensive local network is possible. As farmers we are learning all the time, and are very interested in beginning to apply biodynamic principles to our growing.

We are an open book, and excited to make this experience as educational as you would like. Our hope is that apprentices will leave our farm one-step closer to working the land themselves.

Stipend: Negotiable depending on time commitment.

Housing: We have a travel trailer available with full kitchen and bath. There is also a modern farmhouse option depending on availability.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email, Phone

Internship Details: We are looking for someone who is energetic and enthusiastic about farming, food and community. Apprentices will share in all tasks and chores related to all farming activities, and will work alongside us to leave the opportunity for questions and discussions. We are excited to learn and grow together.


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