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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Greensleeves Farm
10851 Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Alexandria, KY 41001

Contact: Gretchen Vaughn

Phone: 859-445-5044

Email: greensleevesfarm@gmail.com

Website: http://www.greensleevesfarm.com

Last Updated: 12-01-2014

General Description: Greensleeves Farm is 12 acres, Certified Naturally Grown, 20 miles south of the Ohio River and Cincinnati. The variety of topography lends itself to permaculture implementation and plantings. Fruits and vegetables are grown for a small CSA, for sale to restaurants, at the Greensleeves FarmStand and two farmers' markets . These crops are grown intensively in raised beds, greenhouses, and small rotational plots. Pastured chickens and sheep add to the bio-diversity. Bedding plants are a spring income source. University classes and permaculture groups tour frequently, as 400 fruit and nut trees were planted in 2013 following a water management conference and the installation of swales, berms and pocket ponds. The successful applicant will learn permaculture principles while experiencing the seasons on a sustainable working farm. The intern is expected to participate in all aspects of growing for a CSA/market, from seed germination, transplanting, seed bed preparation, fertilizing, weeding and watering, to harvesting, packaging, and market presentation aesthetics.

Internship Starts: early March
Internship Ends: end of October
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: two week minimum, but length of entire season is ideal and gets you a bonus

Meals: Pantry basics will be provided, and produce from the gardens. Vegan/vegetarians are welcome, within this omnivore household. A daily cooked meal is provided, and interns are free to create their other meals from the pantry and garden; separate intern housing includes kitchenette with frig, induction cooktop, hot plate, toaster oven and microwave.

Skills Desired: A willingness to learn is more important than skills possessed. That said, individual strength and stamina is necessary, and a cheerful disposition. Preference will be given to those experienced in farming, and with the ability to maintain equipment, which consists of walk-behind tractor/tiller, rototiller, riding lawn mower, push mower, and line trimmers. Ability to drive standard transmission farm truck is highly desirable.

Educational Opportunities: The intern will have the opportunity to observe other farm operations, to determine a next career step, and to further their education in a practical way. The daily life and business of farming, the care and treatment of farm animals, the techniques of sustainable revitalization of the land, and the essential skills for today's agri-tourism and successful marketing aesthetics will be learned.

Stipend: A stipend of $75 a week will be provided, once two weeks of training have been successfully completed. A minimal work week of 5 days/40 hours is expected; some days will be longer, to complete tasks dependent on weather conditions. A bonus is arranged for those completing the full season.

Housing: Housing is provided in the intern loft, complete with A/C, composting toilet, shower, and kitchenette. Laundry access is in the farmhouse. Internet access is available.

Preferred method Of Contact: email

Internship Details: The successful intern candidate will be able to work independently once trained. Physically this is a demanding job, frequently with long days spent under taxing weather conditions. Satisfaction comes in recognizing the value of the work in the smiles of customers, the scenes of flourishing farm life, and the philosophical balance between consuming and creating. The intern will work intimately with soil, seeds, plants, and animals.


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