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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Urban Roots Farm
823 W state
Springfield, MO 65806

Contact: Melissa Millsap, Melissa Millsap

Phone: 417-597-4858

Email: MEL@urbanrootsfarm.com, INFO@urbanrootsfarm.com

Website: http://www.urbanrootsfarm.com

Last Updated: 03-27-2017

General Description: Urban Roots Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown four season urban vegetable farm located in downtown Springfield Missouri. Owners Adam and Melissa Millsap have worked this 1.7 acre farm since 2010 growing vegetables year round using natural and sustainable techniques.

We believe in growing vegetables for our community as naturally as possible. We eat the veggies we grow, and our children eat the veggies we grow, so we don't ever use synthetic chemicals. We want to live in a vibrant community, and we want this earth to remain a great place to live indefinitely. We are always mindful of the impact our actions have on our community, and our environment.As stated above, our farm is very small. With lofty production goals, and limited land we will make use of many practices that allow for maximized yields year after year while maintaining sustainability and environmental responsibility. Some of the techniques we employ are:

Season Extension
Heated greenhouse: We make use of a heated greenhouse to grow healthy transplant that are field ready at appropriate times.

Movable high tunnels: Passively heated structures under which crops are planted directly in the ground. These structures allow us to extend our growing season significantly at both ends (we will grow earlier and later). The structures rest on tracks, and each structure will have three plots, one of which it will cover at any given point in the season.

Row Cover: Covering crops with a thin textile in the field, allows them to endure ambient temperatures that would otherwise kill them. This can be used to get an early start on production, to extend production, and to overwinter some crops. This technique can also be used to combat some pests and diseases.
Productivity and Soil health

Composting: We compost on the farm, and make use of local composting resources to improve our soil.
Bio-intensive techniques
Organic Soil Management

Cover Cropping: We make use of cover crops for soil health, erosion control, and weed management.
Ecological impact
Water Conservation: Drip irrigation
Small scale equipment: Walk behind tractor
Lots of handwork
Intensive record keeping:Thorough record keeping will allow us to constantly review our practices, and determine what is working, and how we can improve. Our records will also be made available as learning resources for others.

Internship Starts: 04-01-17
Internship Ends: 04-01-17
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 05-10-17
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months to 1 year

Meals: We enjoy breakfast and lunch together on workdays, besides that individuals are responsible for meals on off days.

Skills Desired:

Educational Opportunities: Educational opportunities naturally happen while working alongside our crew, however we set out to do farm visits and volunteer with community organizations on a monthly basis. We have a monthly farmer potluck, which helps build this community and expand the support for local food producers.

Internships will run a minimum of May 1 to August 15, and preferably longer. (Some could start as early as March). Apprenticeships are longer term, at least 6 months, and filled as available. We have an apprenticeships open right now, to be filled by the first qualified applicants, as soon as February 1.

Stipend: In return for 40 hours a week of work apprentices and interns will receive a hands-on education in sustainable farming. Apprentices will receive room and board, plus a monthly stipend to be determined by experience and commitment.

Housing: We will provide housing on the farm. We have a furnished 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, wood floors, and central air. These accommodations will be shared by Apprentices, interns, and volunteers who are currently working on the farm. Sleeping quarters will be segregated according to varying occupancy, and the preferences of the occupants. Breakfast and supper will be self provided with access to the farm house pantry, and freezers. Lunch will be provided at the farm house, and will be eaten with our family.

Preferred method Of Contact: email

Internship Details: At any given time Urban Roots Farm houses one or two full time apprenticeship or interns. The apprenticeship on the farm is an excellent way for folks who are interested in working in small scale agriculture to get hands on experience while building the practical knowledgebase required to operate a profitable produce farm. We make no claims to be a farm school, but instead offer them the opportunity to learn along side us through the daily challenges which are presented by a young farming endevour. Apprentice are selected through a competitive application process, and recieve room and board plus a small monthly stipend. Strong preference is given to those who can commit to a full year and intend to reside on the farm. Internships are less than a 6 months of commitment. We welcome students who are looking to complete required hours towards specific degrees.


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