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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Ranney Ranch
PO Box 376
Corona, NM 88318

Contact: Monica Pless, New Agrarian Program Director, Quivira Coalition, Nancy Ranney

Phone: 505-820-2544

Email: newagrarian@quiviracoalition.org

Website: https://quiviracoalition.org/ranney-ranch/, https://quiviracoalition.org/newagrarian/apply

Last Updated: 12-14-2018

General Description: Ranney Ranch is a family owned cow-calf operation that sits at 6200 feet in the high mesa country of central New Mexico. The ranch sells young, range-finished beef direct to consumers who value how their food choices impact the environment. The ranch is certified through American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved, and has been marketing 100 percent grass-fed/finished beef since 2003. In 2017, Ranney Ranch was certified as the first New Mexico ranch in the Audubon Conservation Ranching Program; beef is now marketed as “Raised on Bird-Friendly Land”.

The ranch runs a herd of approximately 200 mother cows. Owners are George, Edward, Nancy Ranney, their spouses and offspring. Melvin Johnson manages the ranch; he and his wife Esther have been with the ranch since 1984 and raised their four children here.

Since 2003, with the introduction of new management practices, Ranney Ranch team has witnessed the critical role of livestock in the restoration of drought-weary grasslands. Once a blue-grama grass monoculture, the ranch now boasts over forty-five species of native grasses, both warm and cool season species. The increased biodiversity has brought health to the soil, resilience in the face of drought, and the opportunity to market unique grassfed beef.

Internship Starts: 04-01-2019
Internship Ends: 11-15-2019
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 01-01-2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Meals: Food: The apprentice will receive partial board in the form of Ranney Ranch beef. The apprentice will be responsible for his or her own meals.

Skills Desired: Enthusiasm and a sincere commitment to regenerative agriculture and food production are important and applicants with livestock and some ranch/farm experience are preferred. Physical strength and stamina are required.

This apprenticeship is physically, emotionally, and intellectually challenging. The apprentice will be the only apprentice and one of very few employees at Ranney Ranch, and will be expected to work well as part of a small team, and to maintain high work quality standards.

Ranney Ranch seeks applicants with the following experience and skills:
Horse handling/riding experience
Experience with beef cattle
Pipeline/general well work
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
Able to back up a trailer
Stamina and endurance in a dusty hot environment

Basic riding skills are required, including some experience handling horses. Basic knowledge of home repair/carpentry skills are preferred.

Enthusiasm and a sincere commitment to sustainable agriculture and food production are important and applicants with livestock and some ranch/farm experience are preferred. Physical strength and stamina are required.

This apprenticeship is physically, emotionally, and intellectually challenging. The apprentice will be the only apprentice and one of very few employees at the Ranney Ranch.

Educational Opportunities: These apprenticeships are full-time, intensive education & professional training opportunities, 50-60 hours a week, varying with the demands of season, weather, plant and animal needs. The New Agrarian Program seeks applicants committed to lives in regenerative agriculture, enough experience to know what it takes to work on the land, and an excellent work ethic. Applicants must be motivated self-starters, have the ability to work independently, be prepared to work long days outside in variable conditions; be solid problem solvers; and embrace diversity and teamwork. The selected applicants will be mature individuals, excited to engage in their own learning process.

Stipend: Stipend: A monthly stipend will be paid at the end of each month, and can be directly deposited to your bank. The stipend will be approximately $1500 a month. The stipend may or may not cover monthly expenses for the apprentice based on his or her needs and lifestyle. The position does not allow time for a second job, so the apprentice should consider his or her budgetary needs before applying to this position. More details and photos are at https://quiviracoalition.org/ranney-ranch

Housing: Housing: The apprentice will live in a house at ranch headquarters. Heat, water and internet are included with housing, though we do ask that you be conscientious of your energy use. Housing can accommodate a partner or spouse.

Preferred method Of Contact: questions via email, apply online at quivira website

Internship Details: The apprentice at Ranney Ranch will work primarily with Melvin Johnson in day-to-day operations and on infrastructure improvements and with Nancy Ranney on longer-term marketing and planning. Both are deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of ranchers in sound ecological and business practices geared towards the overall resilience of Southwestern grasslands and the communities who steward them.

Melvin Johnson is a fourth generation New Mexico rancher. He and his wife, Esther, came to the Ranney Ranch in 1984 and raised their four children here. Melvin has served on his local Soil and Water Conservation board for 20 years and is presently Vice-chair for Region 6 of the New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts. He has attended the Graham School of Husbandry and the Noble School of Grazing. He has managed the Ranney Ranch for thirty-two years along with having his own herd.

Nancy Ranney manages the Ranney Ranch for the Ranney family. In 2003 she put in place a restorative grazing plan, based on planned rotational grazing, and started the Ranney Ranch Grassfed Beef program. She is committed to running the ranch on the soundest, most humane, ecologically resilient principles. She works with Melvin Johnson, ranch manager, to develop ranch grazing plans and conservation programs. She also coordinates ranch workshops and retreats. She is on the board of the Quivira Coalition and is Vice President of the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance. She frequently speaks to groups on the health and environmental benefits of regenerative land management and grassfed beef. Nancy has a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University and a background in land planning.

The apprenticeship will be focused on building and installing infrastructure with Melvin, including 1 1/4 mile fencing, irrigation pipe and welding and constructing new drinkers. There will be some riding (cattle are managed horseback on this rough terrain) and working with cattle, but not every day. There are also opportunities to work with Nancy on marketing grassfed beef. The ranch is quite beautiful and quite remote - the closest grocery store is over an hour and a half drive. Ranney Ranch is 12 miles from the small town of Corona, which has a gas station, mini mart, an excellent library, and three churches. See pictures and read more about the apprenticeship at quiviracoalition.org/ranney-ranch


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