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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Jones Creek Farms
32260 Burrese Rd
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

Contact: Les

Phone: 360-391-1733

Email: jonescreekfarms@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.skagitvalleyfruit.com

Last Updated: 07-09-2012

General Description: We started our small family farm in 1991 and up until this year we have relied on family members to opperate. We are located in the upper Skagit Valley in an area perfect for the crops we grow.

Please check out our web site for more details about the farm.

Internship Starts: August-
Internship Ends:
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: - October

Meals: The intern is welcome to use any of our farm products for their meals.

Skills Desired: No job experience necessary in fact we prefer none.

Skills: The intern MUST be outgoing and friendly, able to perform normal physical activities associated with a farm.

Educational Opportunities:

Stipend: $300.00 per mo which includes housing but not regular meals.

Housing: 2 room Loft (literally) apartment in barn loft, cozy and quiet.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: Wanted. person or couple interested in participating in a (possible incubator type) project on my farm for the purpose of hard cider production.
During your stay here you would be learning all the aspects of orchard management. At Jones Creek Farms I believe in using as sustainable as approach as possible to growing. All the trees are dwarf and on wire trellis. The organic cider block is the newest area and we will be putting in trees and trellis.
You will also learn tree propagation as most of the trees that go in are made here, by us, in our nursery.
You will be shown how to determine fruit maturity and after harvest you will be taught the basics of cider making. As the process goes on this will eventually include bottling and labeling.

Although not mandatory the project would culminate in June (+-) 2013, with your attendance of a cider making course taught here locally by the prominent Peter Mitchell and the course is NACM certified. This is one of only two locations in the country where this course is taught. See http://www.agbizcenter.org/node/58 . I will be splitting the cost of this course with you.

It is very possible that a longer relationship could be worked out if you wanted to continue on at the farm. I am looking to make artisan organic hard cider a permanent part of my farms product line and I am now just at the beginning stages.

The opening is available starting August. The cider project would be just one aspect of what you would be doing here although it would be your main learning focus. Jones Creek Farms is a small u-pick farm with a few other things that we grow also such as plums, pears, garlic, pumpkins and a small amount of covered tomatoes.

The tomatoes are all sold by contract to an institution and everything else is sold as u-pick or at farmers markets.


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