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Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Sweet Briar Herb Farm
218 A Stub Road
Onalaska, WA 98570

Contact: Carol Thomas

Phone: 360-978-5691

Email: eglatyne@tds.net

Last Updated: 04-26-2012

General Description: Small certified organic farm with greenhouses, gardens, fields and woods. We used European intensive methods for growing salad greens and kohl crops. We replant the greenhouses up to 8 times a year. In the spring we grow several hundred vegetable plants and specialize in medicinal herbs. We operate more or less all year round, in winter growing only in the greenhouses. But there is also outside work preparing the gardens and beds for next year. This year we will be concentrating on weed control and permanent beds.

We sell our product at Farmers Markets, restaurants and CSA's, and we do a lot of special orders for herbs

Internship Starts: Hiring is on-going until positions are filled
Internship Ends: Can work year round
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: Until all the interns have been hired
Minimum Length of Stay: 9 months

Meals: Meals can be communal and everyone contributes to the menu. We eat mostly from the farm and an effort is made to buy only organic products. If you have special diet request we will try to please.

Skills Desired: Some experience with growing plants both in the greenhouse and outside and how to handle tools and machinery. Most important be willing to learn and work hard. A happy spirit helps too.

Educational Opportunities: Learn intensive greenhouse operation, market gardening and marketing your product. How you prepare and sell your product to various outlets i.e. Farmers Market, CSAs, restaurants, and off the farm.The basic farm mangement demands,year round scheduling, soil emendments and what will grow in our cool marine climate. There will be a 2 hour class every week on horticulture and medicinal herbs and their applications.

Stipend: DOE $500 to 800

Housing: Separate 2 bedroom house, with 1/2 kitchen, bath and facilities. Has a good view and is quite spacious for 2 people, Has enough furniture. Does not have cable TV or internet

Preferred method Of Contact: By phone or email

Internship Details: Someone who is interested in organic farming and likes to work outdoors. Farming is hard work and you need to be reasonably fit. Has had some experience with machines and tools or be willing to learn how to operate them. Preferably someone with a healthy lifestyle, and likes vegetables. Because of my age there may be opportunity to buy into my farm.


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