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Farm Address:
1116 Highway 628
LaPlace , Louisiana , 3261

Position Description:
"We are open to sharing all that we know. In exchange we expect hard work, attention to detail, diligence, flexibility, and the desire to learn. Interns work alongside Ellis, as well as on your own. As on any vegetable farm there is a lot to do. Duties will include cultivating and tending to crops as well as harvesting, washing, and packing produce. You will also be assisting with seeding, transplanting, greenhouse management, soil management, pest and disease control, irrigation setup and operation, mulching, and various fieldwork. To Apply, email Ellis at majoracrefarm@gmail.com Include a resume, some background information about yourself,...
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Internship Starts: open
Internship Ends: open

Farm Address:
P.O. Box 148
Keatchie , Louisiana , 28655

Position Description:
General caretaking of homestead and garden. Help with bed and breakfast operation and agritourism business. Evaluate and enlarge garden area.

Internship Starts: 12/27/2017
Internship Ends: 3/30/2018

Farm Address:
150 Zachary Taylor Drive
New Orleans , Louisiana , 25951

Position Description:
"Grow Dat is interested in hosting adult apprentices who are interested in advancing their gardening/agricultural skills by working on a market farm. Work with our farm team on our beautiful 7-acre site in City Park to help reach our production goals. Most work occurs Tuesday-Friday mornings 8:30am-12:30pm. You will work along side farm staff, youth fellows, other adult interns and volunteer groups. This internship is primarily an opportunity for "learning through doing" with daily conversations about sustainable agricultural concepts and practices. "

Internship Starts: rolling
Internship Ends: rolling

Farm Address:
6287 Old Baton Rouge Hwy.
Alexandria , Louisiana , 18078

Position Description:
"Internship Details: We are looking for high caliber people with passion, drive, and a commitment to farming and organic, sustainable culture. Interns are involved in all aspects organic vegetable production and marketing. We offer two internship opportunities. A 6 month, 30 hour per week commitment with a stipend of 100/week and a one year, 50 hour per week with a stipend of 300/week. Shared on farm housing is provided in both internships, with access to organic on farm produce "

Internship Starts: sring/summer 2017
Internship Ends: rolling

Farm Address:
253 guard rd
Scott , Louisiana , 68635

Position Description:
"Internship will start with learning animals and participating in saturday farmers market. The ability and motivation of the intern will determine his or her involvement with farm operations, based on skill, usefulness and personal interests. I would like to find someone particularly interested in bees farming and who has a love for animals. Someone with carpentry, welding and fencing experience would be great. When we start vegetables we will be looking for someone to manage that business who has the skills and knowledge to do it "

Internship Starts: Spring
Internship Ends: Rolling