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(Details) Country Neighbors Farm
202 S. Cleveland
Fayette, MO 65248

Contact: Laura B. Korte
Phone: [Home] 660-248-2730
Email: countryneighbors@hotmail.com
Last Updated: 02-11-2014
Internship Starts: May 1
Internship Ends: August 1
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: March 15

Stipend: $200 per month, plus chicken, beef, and pork. A garden space is provided.

(Details) Claverach Farm and Vineyard
Eureka, MO 63025

Contact: Rachel Shulman
Email: shulman.rachel@gmail.com
Website: http://www.claverach.com/, https://www.facebook.com/claverach.farm
Last Updated: 02-05-2014
Internship Starts: between February and June 2014
Internship Ends: December 2014 or longer
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: We will accept applications until the positions are filled.
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Stipend: Negotiable depending on experience level.

(Details) Crown Valley Organics
23889 State Route WW
Sainte Genevieve, MO 63670

Contact: Brigitte Zettl
Phone: [Cell] 573-535-4633
Email: bzettl@crownvalleywinery.com
Website: http://www.crownvalleyorganics.com
Last Updated: 12-26-2013
Internship Starts: 2/2014
Internship Ends: 11/2014
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 2/2014
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Stipend: There is no stipend as such. However apprentices can choose to work at the Saturday farmers market from April-September to earn $50 cash weekly. Also, we only require 30 hours of labor weekly leaving time for part-time work - potentially at one of several businesses in the area owned by our parent company.

(Details) Yellow Wood Farms
1905 Bickmeyer Rd.
Hermann, MO 65041

Contact: Tricia Wagner
Phone: [Cell] 314-799-8218
Email: tricia@yellowwoodfarms.com
Website: http://www.localharvest.org/yellow-wood-farms-M21388
Last Updated: 01-09-2013
Internship Starts: February - June
Internship Ends: November or December
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: accepting applications until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 Months

Stipend: $700 per month.

(Details) The Salad Garden
16303 S. Hawkins Road
Ashland, MO 65010

Contact: Leslie Touzeau, Liberty Hunter
Phone: [Home] 573-657-8389
Email: letouzeau@gmail.com, libertyhunter@gmail.com
Website: http://www.thesaladgarden-mo.com, http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Salad-Garden/175647939156072
Last Updated: 01-09-2013
Internship Starts: early April
Internship Ends: late October
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: We will continue taking applicants until the positions are filled.
Minimum Length of Stay: 5 months, however, preference will be given to applicants willing to work full-time and for full season.

Stipend: $200-500/month (depends on housing)<br /><br /> Included in the stipend is a CSA share's worth of vegetables (plus extras), one dozen eggs/week, and $50 worth of pork in the fall.

(Details) Terrell Creek Farm. LLC
508 Fordland Hills Dr.
Fordland, MO 65652

Contact: Lesley Or Barry Million
Phone: [Cell] 417-209-0021
Email: terrellcreekfarm@yahoo.com
Last Updated: 01-02-2013
Internship Starts: ASAP or February 1, 2013
Internship Ends: to be agreed upon by all parties
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: ASAP
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months, but we would prefer longer

Stipend: After 4 weeks a small stipend may be provided.

(Details) The Possibility Alliance HQ
28408 Frontier Lane
La Plata, MO 63549

Contact: Ethan Hughes, Adam Mitchell
Phone: [Home] 660-332-4094
Last Updated: 11-23-2012
Internship Starts: April, 2013
Internship Ends: November, 2013
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: February, 2013
Minimum Length of Stay: 6-8 months

Stipend: Room and board

(Details) EarthDance
233 S. Dade Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63135

Contact: Rachel Levi, Molly Rockamann
Phone: [Office] 314-521-1006
[Cell] 773-398-6515
Email: rachel@earthdancefarms.org, molly@earthdancefarms.org
Website: http://www.earthdancefarms.org
Last Updated: 11-05-2012
Internship Starts: Feb. 10th, 2012
Internship Ends: November 4th, 2012
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline: December 12th, 2012

Stipend: There is no stipend, though the apprenticeship does include as weekly share of the harvest. The program has a tuition of $750 for the season; full and partial scholarships are available. As the apprenticeship is a part-time commitment, most apprentices have other jobs concurrent with the program.

(Details) Blue Bell Farm
3030 Highway 240
Fayette, MO 65248

Contact: Jamie Bryant, Derek Bryant
Email: mobluebellfarm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Bell-Farm/152887624738046
Last Updated: 03-20-2012
Internship Starts: May 2012
Internship Ends: October 2012
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Stipend: Stipend may be available (based on experience).

(Details) Birdsville Farm
13355 NW 900 RD
Appleton City, MO 64724

Contact: Virginia Dove
Phone: [Home] 660-476-2653
Email: sheepdawgs@hotmail.com
Last Updated: 08-29-2011
Internship Starts: Sept 1, 2011
Internship Ends: Any time
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: Any time
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Stipend: 40% of cattle sales for the first 6 months then negotiable

(Details) Ozark Forest Mushrooms, LLC
Box 460 HC 62
Salem, MO 65560

Contact: Nicola Macpherson, Daniel Hellmuth
Phone: [Cell] 314-497-0099
[Office] 314-531-9935
[Cell] 314-265-0516
Email: nicola@ozarkforest.com, daniel@ozarkforest.com
Website: http://www.ozarkforest.com
Last Updated: 02-11-2011
Internship Starts: May 19
Internship Ends: August 25
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: April 6
Minimum Length of Stay: 30 days

Stipend: To be decided.

(Details) City Seeds Urban Farm
800 N. Tucker Blvd
Market and 22nd
St. Louis, MO 63101

Contact: Lindsey Jones, Ann Rotermund
Phone: [Cell] 573-353-4123
[Office] 314-802-0700
Email: ljones@stpatrickcenter.org, arotermund@stpatrickcenter.org
Website: http://www.stpatrickcenter.org/SPCPrograms_MentalHealth.aspx, http://www.gatewaygreening.org/CitySeeds.asp
Last Updated: 04-16-2010
Internship Starts: ASAP, July or August
Internship Ends: To be determined.
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: None
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months

Stipend: At this time we have no money available for a stipend. <br /><br /> The Internship will likely be part-time, unless you want more experience with the social work portion.

(Details) Seasons Harvest Eco-Farm
315 Diamond View
Sparta, MO 65753

Contact: Larry
Phone: [Office] 417-634-5414
Email: admin@seasonsharvestecofarm.com
Website: http://www.seasonsharvestecofarm.com
Last Updated: 03-31-2010
Internship Starts: 4-1-2010
Internship Ends: 12-31-2010
Number of Interns: 4
App Deadline: None.
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Stipend: None.

(Details) Terra Bella Farm
1303 State Road M
Auxvasse, MO 65231

Contact: Margot McMillen
Phone: [Office] 573-387-4881
Email: margotmcm@socket.net
Last Updated: 03-30-2010
Internship Starts: Mid-April
Internship Ends: Early November
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline:

Stipend: $100-$350/month.

(Details) Factor 'e' Farm - Open Source Ecology
Maysville, MO 64469

Email: opensourceecology@gmail.com
Website: http://www.openfarmtech.org
Last Updated: 02-24-2009
Internship Starts:
Internship Ends:
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline:

Stipend: None

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