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(Details) Blood Sweat & Food Farms
PO Box 2311
Homer, AK 99603

Contact: Jenni Medley, Aryn Young
Phone: [Office] 907-435-0551
Email: accounting@BloodSweatFood.com
Website: http://www.BloodSweatFood.com, http://facebook.com/bloodsweatfood
Last Updated: 02-22-2019
Internship Starts: 04/15/2019
Internship Ends: 10/31/2019
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 3/31/2018
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 weeks

Stipend: At this time we do not offer a stipend.

(Details) The NOLS Alaska Farm
5805 N Farm Loop Road
Palmer, AK 99645

Contact: Maggie OBrien
Phone: [Cell] 907-745-4047
Email: maggie_obrien@nols.edu
Website: https://www.nols.edu/en/coursefinder/locations/nols-alaska/
Last Updated: 01-30-2019
Internship Starts: May 1st,
Internship Ends: August 31, 2019
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: until position is filled

Stipend: A weekly stipend of $100/week is provided to help defray expenses incurred during the internship. Interns should not expect a paid position at the conclusion of the internship.

(Details) Scenic Place Peonies- Beth Van Sandt
5655 Scenic Place
Homer, AK 99603

Contact: Beth Van Sandt
Phone: 907-299-0301
Email: scenicplacepeonies@gmail.com
Last Updated: 01-22-2019
Internship Starts: 04-01-2019
Internship Ends: 09-30-2019
Number of Interns: 4
App Deadline: till positions full
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Stipend: $600 a month

(Details) Birch Creek Ranch and Talkeetna Grown CSA
Box 685
Talkeetna, AK 99676

Contact: Brian Kingsbury
Phone: 907-733-7885
Email: brian@talkeetnafarm.com
Website: http://www.talkeetnafarm.com
Last Updated: 01-14-2019
Internship Starts: Farm Manager Apprentice- April 1st-September 31
Internship Ends: Farm Apprentice May 1- September 15 two month min.
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Stipend: Hourly D.O.E.

(Details) Synergy Gardens
54329 Wilderness Lane
Homer, AK 99603

Contact: Lori Jenkins, Wayne Jenkins
Phone: 706-273-0077
[Cell] 706-273-6049
Email: loriarteacher@gmail.com, wayne.jenkins27@gmail.com
Website: http://www.Synergygardens.net
Last Updated: 12-29-2018
Internship Starts: 05-01-19 or 06-01-19
Internship Ends: 08-31-19 or 10-31-19
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 02-28-19
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 mo min.

Stipend: $800. per month based on experience $600.00 per month for little to no experience

(Details) Homer Hilltop Farm
41060 Trail Court
Homer, AK 99603

Contact: Carey Restino
Phone: 907-299-1172
Email: carisima@alaska.net, crestino@reportalaska.com
Website: https://homerhilltopfarm.wordpress.com/
Last Updated: 11-28-2018
Internship Starts: 05-01-2019
Internship Ends: 10-15-2019
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 01-15-2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 months

Stipend: I will offer a monthly stipend of $600-$800 depending on experience.

(Details) Calypso Farm & Ecology Center
PO Box 106
Ester, AK 99725

Contact: Susan Willsrud
Phone: 907-451-0691
Email: calypsosusan@gmail.com
Website: http://www.calypsofarm.org
Last Updated: 10-31-2018
Internship Starts: 05-04-2019
Internship Ends: 09-29-2019
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline: 03-31-2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 5 months

Stipend: None

(Details) Chugach Farm
POB 1223
Chickaloon, AK 99674

Contact: Allie Barker, Jed Workman
Phone: [Home] 907-746-4566
Email: chugachfarm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.chugachfarm.com
Last Updated: 03-19-2018
Internship Starts: 5-01-17
Internship Ends: 10-15-17
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: Contact to fill out an application
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 months, full season preferred, or 2-3 days/week for local

Stipend: -Compensation- This is a work/trade experience. Compensation comes in the form of life skills. If you need to make money, this is not the opportunity for you. If you value learning skills to last a lifetime over money, this is the place for you. A stipend is available for one apprentice with farming experience. Ask within. Occasional exceptions may be made for dependable and skilled apprentices who stay at Chugach Farm for an extended time.

(Details) Spring Creek Farm - Alaska Pacific University
6404 N Lossing Road
Palmer, AK 99645

Email: pautry@alaskapacific.edu
Last Updated: 03-12-2018
Internship Starts: 04-02-2018
Internship Ends: 10-31-2018
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 03-23-2018
Minimum Length of Stay: 5 months

Stipend: $10/hour

(Details) Pioneer Farm
2855 Hurst Rd
North Pole, AK 99705

Contact: Donna Barnebey, Clyde Barnebey
Phone: [Cell] 907-388-2755
[Cell] 907-378-5434
Email: Pioneerfarmnp@gmail.com, Clydeanddonna@gmail.com
Last Updated: 02-21-2018
Internship Starts: May 2018
Internship Ends: October 2018
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: March 15, 2108
Minimum Length of Stay: Through harvest

Stipend: None

(Details) Twitter Creek Gardens
39377 Woodman Ln N
Homer, AK 99603

Contact: Emily Garrity
Phone: [Cell] 907-299-4717
Email: twittercreekgardens@gmail.com
Last Updated: 02-07-2018
Internship Starts: May 15
Internship Ends: October 1
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: ASAP
Minimum Length of Stay: 4.5 months

Stipend: $1200/month

(Details) Goosefoot Farm and Cripple Creek Organics
PO Box 228
Ester, AK 99725

Contact: Maggie Hallam Cripple Creek Organics, Christine St. Pierre Goosefoot Farm
Email: goosefootak@gmail.com, maggiebhallam@gmail.com
Website: http://www.goosefootak.com, http://www.cripplecreekorganics.com
Last Updated: 01-27-2018
Internship Starts: 5/15/18
Internship Ends: 9/15/18
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 3/9/18
Minimum Length of Stay: dates somewhat flexible but we need someone for the entire season

Stipend: $1250.00 a month salary for 4 months, May 15- September 15, dates are somewhat flexible.

(Details) Aurora Blooms
East End Road
Homer, AK 99603

Contact: Colleen James, Tom James
Phone: [Home] 907-235-5689
[Cell] 907-299-3798
Email: fritz@xyz.net
Last Updated: 01-18-2018
Internship Starts: June 1, 2018
Internship Ends: August 30, 2018
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 12 weeks- negotiable

Stipend: 200.00 a week.

(Details) Farragut Farm
near Petersburg, AK

Contact: Bo Varsano, Marja Smets
Phone: [Cell] 715-210-5383
Email: farragutfarm@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/FarragutFarmLLC, https://www.facebook.com/farragut.farm
Last Updated: 01-07-2018
Internship Starts: 05/01/2018
Internship Ends: 09/15/2018
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: none
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 months

Stipend: We offer a monthly stipend of $600.

(Details) Cripple Creek Organics - Alaska
PO Box 392
Ester, AK 99725

Contact: Maggie Hallam
Phone: [Cell] 907-699-9076
Email: maggiebhallam@gmail.com
Website: https://cripplecreekorganics.com/, https://www.facebook.com/CrippleCreekOrganics/
Last Updated: 05-15-2017
Internship Starts: 5-15-2017
Internship Ends: 8-7-2017
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 6-15-2017
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 month

Stipend: $10/hour for 30 to 40 hours a week. Housing included. Please contact me for further details.

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