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(Details) Urban Harvest - Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
3355 S. Purdue
Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Contact: Mason Weaver
Phone: [Office] 405-600-3142
Email: mweaver@regionalfoodbank.org
Website: http://www.regionalfoodbank.org/programs/urban-harvest, http://www.regionalfoodbank.org/careers/internships
Last Updated: 03-26-2015
Internship Starts: 05-19-2015
Internship Ends: 08-06-2015
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 05-08-2015
Minimum Length of Stay: 12 weeks

Stipend: Not provided.

(Details) Bootstrap Farm
21117 E 44th St
Yale, OK 74085

Contact: Don Drury
Phone: [Cell] 918-812-2671
[Cell] 918-812-2671
[Cell] 918-812-2671
Email: bootstrapfarm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.bootstrapfarm.blogspot.com
Last Updated: 12-18-2012
Internship Starts: 3-1-2013
Internship Ends: 9-30-2013
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: Now
Minimum Length of Stay: Full Season Commitment

Stipend: $619 per month. We will pay you every two weeks. You are an independent contractor.

(Details) The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
P.O. Box 588
24456 Kerr Road
Poteau, OK 74953

Contact: George Kuepper
Phone: [Office] 918-647-9123
[FAX] 918-647-8712
Email: gkuepper@kerrcenter.com
Website: http://www.kerrcenter.com
Last Updated: 10-04-2012
Internship Starts: Spring
Internship Ends: Fall
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: December 31, 2012
Minimum Length of Stay: 2.5 months

Stipend: Kerr Center interns are compensated in the same manner as temporary employees and are paid a standard minimum wage. Interns are covered by Workers’ Comp. Health insurance, however, is not provided by Kerr Center, and applicants must have proof of coverage. Interns do not earn vacation hours. However, they may take time off for any holidays that fall within the term of their internship.

(Details) Bent Tree Farms
Stonewall, OK 74871

Email: markmarchbanks@tx.rr.com
Last Updated: 05-10-2012
Internship Starts: June 2012
Internship Ends: June 2013
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: None
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year

Stipend: Commensurate with experience.

(Details) Peach Crest Farm
10219 US Hwy 177
Stratford, OK 74872

Contact: Susan Bergen
Phone: [Office] 580-759-3635
[Cell] 405-650-0804
Email: sbergen1@cox.net
Last Updated: 04-08-2011
Internship Starts: Now
Internship Ends: Must last at least 5 months
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: Ongoing
Minimum Length of Stay: 5 months

Stipend: To be discussed.

(Details) Aunt Netties Farm
14171 s. 4075rd.
Oologah, OK 74053 - 3743

Contact: Tim Riherd
Phone: [Cell] 918-694-1968
Email: Timriherd@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.localharvest.org/aunt-netties-farm-M15750
Last Updated: 12-13-2010
Internship Starts: Immediately
Internship Ends:
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline:

Stipend: You will receive 25% of the commission on sold produce!

(Details) Living Kitchen Farm and Dairy
25198 S 481st W Ave
Depew, OK 74028

Contact: Lisa Becklund
Phone: [Office] 918-284-8169
Email: livingkitchen@gmail.com
Website: http://livingkitchen.homestead.com/, http://www.livingonthisfarm.blogspot.com
Last Updated: 05-26-2010
Internship Starts: June
Internship Ends: October 15th
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: June 1st

Stipend: In addition to the education and amazing food you will receive here, we offer a $400 a month stipend.

(Details) Healthy Harvest Farms
5960 County Road 3425
Ada, OK 74820

Contact: Connie Driever
Phone: [Cell] 580-279-3500
Email: hhfarms1@hotmail.com
Last Updated: 05-24-2010
Internship Starts: 6-1-2010
Internship Ends: Fulltime, ongoing after probation period.
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 7-1-2010
Minimum Length of Stay: 4-6 Months

Stipend: Depends on experience.

(Details) Om Gardens
3100 60th Ave SE
Norman, OK 73026

Contact: Jaclyn Morton, Steve Morton
Phone: [Cell] 405-637-7756
[Cell] 405-413-5649
Email: omgardens@gmail.com, jazlynrainbow@gmail.com
Website: http://www.omgardensmushrooms.com
Last Updated: 12-29-2009
Internship Starts: ASAP
Internship Ends: Not Applicable
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: Not Applicable
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Stipend: We aren't able to promise a certain stipend right now, though there are opportunities to make money including a share of profits at farmers markets worked by the intern and payment for deliveries and a commission on extra sales made by the intern. If the intern decides to do a side project such as growing vegetables he/she can keep the profits from that.

(Details) BellaVida Thom, Tori, and Elden Rose
RR 1 Box 72R
Meridian, OK 73058

Phone: [Cell] 405-315-0118
Email: mmmm_beef@hotmail.com
Last Updated: 02-11-2009
Internship Starts:
Internship Ends:
Number of Interns: 0
App Deadline:

Stipend: None

(Details) Jackfor Valley Ranch
P. O. BOX 10
Daisy, OK 74540

Contact: Dogla or Nancy Pyle
Phone: [Home] 918-569 -4803
Email: easyreach@pisp.net
Last Updated: 02-02-2007
Internship Starts: Open
Internship Ends:
Number of Interns: 0
App Deadline: April 2007

Stipend: None

(Details) Nuyaka Natural Farm
34798 S 177th W Avenue
Bristow, OK

Contact: James Cooper, Jennifer Cooper
Phone: [Home] 918-752-0628
Email: nuyakanaturalfarm@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.localharvest.org
Last Updated: 02-06-2006
Internship Starts: negotiable
Internship Ends: negotiable
Number of Interns: 4
App Deadline: May 2006
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Stipend: negotiable

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