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(Details) Free Range Farm
5376 E Robertson rd
Orlinda, TN 37141

Contact: Sam Harvey
Phone: 615-684-5873
Email: creekbendfarmers@gmail.com
Website: http://www.freerangefarmtn.com
Last Updated: 01-14-2019
Internship Starts: 04-01-2019
Internship Ends: open
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: May 1st
Minimum Length of Stay: 120 Days, 6-9 months preferred

Stipend: $500/ month plus free room and access to some farm grown produce and meats.

(Details) Rally House Farms (Hydroponics)
900 Rosa L Parks Blvd
Nashville, TN 37208

Contact: David Goodman
Phone: [Cell] 615-979-1644
Email: David@rallyhousefarms.com
Website: http://www.rallyhousefarms.com
Last Updated: 12-06-2018
Internship Starts: 01-01-2019
Internship Ends: 05-01-2019
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 01-01-2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 Months

Stipend: A modest stipend can be negotiated based on hours and availability.

(Details) Athena
4025 New Highway 7
Santa Fe, TN 38482

Contact: Jesse Fleisher
Phone: 615-495-1614
Email: athenasharvest@gmail.com
Website: http://athenasharvest.com/2019-internship-information
Last Updated: 11-21-2018
Internship Starts: 03-01-2019
Internship Ends: 11-30-2019
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: 2-15-2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 months

Stipend: BENEFITS/HOURS Modest Stipend $3500/season for folks who work the full season (March 1 - November 30), prorated for people who work a shorter amount of time. Stipend also includes simple accommodation/utilities, surplus farm produce + partial board, and 10 vacation days, plus a $100 bonus for completing the full time period you commit to. There will be a $75 service charge for anybody who leaves prior to their agreed upon leave date. Stipend is based on a per day work period rather than an hourly rate. Our working hours can vary considerably based on the day of the week and the time of the season, and given the hazy overlap between farm "life" and farm "work," the whole concept of working hours may not be a useful way to think about the internship experience. As has been true in agriculture through the generations, we all do what needs to get done, and we make time for fun and relaxing, and often these elements overlap. (An example: we all shell beans or break up garlic cloves while drinking a beer and watching a movie on a Saturday night). Summer days are longer, and we take full advantage of the light, but even as we strive to get all the work done on any given day, the limits dictated by our needs to eat, engage in recreation, and take care of our physical/mental health ultimately decides how long we work. One way or another, Athena and Jesse generally work as long as our interns on any given day, and sometimes longer, as we tend to do some extra administrative/computer work and planning at night and in the very early morning. The stipend is essentially meant to help you offset expenses during the year and have a bit of money to take home with you at the end of the season. If money is primary motivator for your choice of work/internship, we advise that there are many other, more financially lucrative work options available in the world. You should only pursue our farm internship because you want to learn about farming and live a good, healthy, simple lifestyle in a fun community of other farmers and friends. Interns are expected to work 6 days a week with their one day off preferably occurring on Sunday. Taking a different day of the week off may be possible with consultation, but interns are required to coordinate so that no more than 1 intern is off-duty on the same day in any given week (unless it is Sunday). Sign-ups for days off can be made up to 3 weeks in advance. Interns working 8 months or more may take 10 days of "paid" (does not count against your stipend) vacation. It will be preferable not to take a large chunk of your vacation in March-early May as this is the time when there is the heaviest focus on learning basic farm tasks and routines. Interns must coordinate so that their vacations do not overlap. Vacation days do not need to be taken all at once. Most interns choose to take the bulk of their stipend in a single check when they leave, but interns may withdraw $50 or more in any given week, up to the prorated amount owed. Some interns have have found ways to augment their pocket cash by taking on occasional babysitting jobs, selling their crafts/baked-goods from the farm, or finding other odd jobs on their days off, but many prefer just to relax or do activities for fun. We support either approach, but note that a farm internship is probably not the best idea if you have serious debts, expenses, or financial obligations that you are struggling to pay off at the same time. Please consider realistically what your financial needs will be for the time period you are committing to, and place a strong value on taking some time each week for fun/relaxation/self-directed activities. Please be aware that as a very small family farm, we do not provide interns or WWOOFers with health insurance or workers compensation. Extensive Hands-On Experience with all aspects of operating and maintaining a small sustainable vegetable farm, including direct mentorship. This is the real benefit of working with us. We are transparent with our interns about what it takes to start a small farm from scratch, farm finances, decision making, and past successes and mistakes. *We want more people to want to become farmers or at least serious gardeners!* You will learn a lot about what to do and what not to do and why, as well as gaining enough experience to begin forming your own opinions about which techniques and practices you might want to adopt yourself, and which ones you don't agree with or would like to improve upon in your own future endeavors. Fun. Satisfaction. Camaraderie. Fitness. Healthy, frugal lifestyle. Few expenses. Increased awareness of and knowledge about botany, soil, water, weather, and seasonal changes. Intimate knowledge of a new place/culture. Not having to work in an office or indoor retail environment. No dress code. Opportunities to meet other organic and sustainable farmers. Working with your hands and gaining real, functional, "hard" skills. Sharing stories, food, music, and life experiences with good people.We will be starting in on our Permaculture Design work this year, and you can be a part of planning and building our future environment!

(Details) Randall Tomlinson
2216 Coppinger Cove Rd
Sequatchie, TN 37374

Contact: Randall Tomlinson
Phone: [Cell] 352-316-1477
Email: fishandcheese@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sequatchiecovecheese.com/
Last Updated: 08-28-2018
Internship Starts: rolling
Internship Ends: rolling
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: rolling
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Stipend: None

(Details) Eric Wooldridge
5188 Old Hickory Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37205

Email: Eric@bellsbendfarms.com
Last Updated: 05-07-2018
Internship Starts: 05-15-2018
Internship Ends: 11-15-2018
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 10-15-2018
Minimum Length of Stay: 30 days

Stipend: Room & board $100/week

(Details) In Town Organics and Summer Fields
Monteagle, TN 37356

Contact: Jessica Wilson
Phone: [Cell] 931-808-3004
Email: jessandnatew@yahoo.com
Last Updated: 01-31-2018
Internship Starts: 03/16/2018
Internship Ends: 10/31/2018
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Stipend: In return for work we provide room and board.

(Details) The Food Initiative
5470 Sango Rd
Clarksville, TN 37043

Contact: Michael Hampton
Phone: [Cell] 931-905-6998
Email: jobs@thefoodinitiative.org, michael@thefoodinitiative.org
Website: http://www.thefoodinitiative.org
Last Updated: 01-27-2018
Internship Starts: 01/01/18
Internship Ends: 12/31/18
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 03/15/18
Minimum Length of Stay: 10 months

Stipend: None

(Details) Hippo Hollow Farms
, TN

Email: hippohollowfarms@gmail.com
Last Updated: 02-10-2016
Internship Starts: 05/23/2016
Internship Ends: 09/30/2016
Number of Interns: 4
App Deadline: 3/01/2016
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Stipend: $200 per month

(Details) Sewanee University Farm
735 University Ave
Sewanee, TN 37383

Contact: Carolyn Hoagland
Phone: [Cell] 970-342-3610
Email: choaglan@sewanee.edu
Website: http://www.sewanee.edu/offices/oess/university-farm/
Last Updated: 12-23-2015
Internship Starts: 02-22-2016
Internship Ends: 02-22-2017
Number of Interns: 4
App Deadline: 01-22-2016
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 yr

Stipend: There is a stipend of $960/month and an educational award of up to $5,775. These positions are funded by the VISTA/Americorp program.

(Details) Caney Fork Farm
PO Box 318
Carthage, TN 37030

Contact: Tripp Eldridge
Phone: [Cell] 615-927-2950
Email: tripp@carthagegroup.com
Last Updated: 09-08-2015
Internship Starts: 03-01-2016
Internship Ends: 10-31-2016
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 12-31-2015

Stipend: Hourly wage based on experience. Health Insurance available for long term employees.

(Details) JEM Farms
385 Sulphur Springs Rd.
Rogersville, TN 37857

Contact: Elizabeth Malayter, John Malayter
Phone: [Home] 423-921-7979
[Home] 423-921-7979
Email: emalayter@gmail.com, jemfarm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.jemfarm.net
Last Updated: 06-02-2015
Internship Starts: 06/01/2015
Internship Ends: 09/15/2015
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 06/15/2015
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 Month

Stipend: You may claim all income from a project you take on. We can provide guidance and materials - buy seed and provide tools as we determine it necessary. Small stipend available.

(Details) Chesney Cove
9922 Chesney Road
Knoxville, TN 37931

Contact: Debbie Goddard
Phone: [Cell] 865-382-3047
Email: debbiegoddard@bellsouth.net
Last Updated: 11-03-2014
Internship Starts: Immediately
Internship Ends: Open
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: Open
Minimum Length of Stay: Open

Stipend: Yes, TBD depending on other factors such as housing.

(Details) Spring Creek Veggies
382 Co Rd 62
Riceville, TN 37370

Contact: Troy Teets
Phone: [Cell] 423-920-2850
Email: 382cr62@gmail.com
Website: http://www.springcreekveggies.com
Last Updated: 01-03-2014
Internship Starts: Easter - ish
Internship Ends: Thanksgiving - ish
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: On-going
Minimum Length of Stay: 90 days - 3 wk trial

Stipend: N/A - your experience is your pay.

(Details) Rural Resources
2870 Holley Creek Rd.
Greeneville, TN 37745

Contact: Paul Peterson
Phone: [Office] 423-636-8171
Email: paulp@ruralresources.net
Website: http://www.ruralresources.net
Last Updated: 09-27-2013
Internship Starts: November 15th
Internship Ends: Indefinite
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: position open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year

Stipend: This is a full time, paid position. Specifics of pay and perks will be discussed during the interview process

(Details) Hardin Poultry
8185 Hwy 22
Adamsville, TN 38310

Contact: Jonathan Stone, Holly Barnes-Wallis
Phone: [Cell] 731-607-7485
[Cell] 731-607-7485
Email: hardinpoultry@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hardinpoultry.com
Last Updated: 01-09-2013
Internship Starts: February 1, 2013
Internship Ends: February 1, 2014
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: January 15, 2013
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 Months -1 Month trial

Stipend: We are open to discussion on the amount of Stipend. We offer a collection from a local airport (Memphis or Nashville) or Greyhound stop (Jackson).

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