Iowa Project Focuses on Women Landowners

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is beginning a three-year project to study the needs, challenges, and opportunities of women landowners. “Enhancing Conservation, Access and Generational Transition of Iowa Farmland through Women Landowners” is funded through a $300,000 grant by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. In Iowa, women own 47% of all farmland acres. According to a press release, the first part of the project will consist of collecting data and analytics about women’s farm ownership. From there, the team will assemble area meetings of women landowners and stakeholders, to discuss and gather concerns. Lastly, the team will hold online and face-to-face workshops to deliver information and resources that improve women’s knowledge of land ownership. Specific goals include the use of equitable leases and other economic incentives to increase conservation and land access for beginning farmers, adoption of soil and water conservation practices, and the implementation of efficient plans to transition farmland to the next generation of owners.