Iowa’s Farm to Table Task Force Makes Recommendations

Iowa’s Farm to Table Task Force commissioned during the 2021 state legislative session has submitted a set of recommendations to the Iowa Legislature that are intended to improve the farm to table supply chain. The group of 12 local food experts was charged with identifying strategies to improve the farm to table supply chain in Iowa, with a special focus on increasing sales to institutional purchasers, including schools. The task force’s full report is available online and contains recommendations including the following: improving sales of local foods to institutions, including farm to school and early care efforts, by increasing the efficiency of local food distribution and awareness of local options for institutional buyers; developing and supporting expanded processing opportunities for local foods; researching and increasing support for local food farming and scaling up local food agriculture; revitalizing and expanding the Local Food and Farm Advisory Council; and increasing the usage of the Farm to Food Donation Tax Credit and exploring other food donation programs.