Integrated Parasite Management Training – Barber Pole Worm

Join us for an online Integrated Parasite Management training for sheep.

Livestock and Sheep Specialists from Montana, Wyoming and Idaho cover how to deworm strategically using FAMACHA scoring, grazing properly to avoid Barber Pole worm ingestion, and using genetic selection to mitigate the devastating influence the Barber Pole Worm can have on your flock.

A complete written narrative accompanies this webinar. It can be downloaded as a PDF here.

FAMACHA cards will be given out to those who have completed the training and have sent in a video of themselves demonstrating the FAMACHA technique.

In an accompanying video, Dr. Jim Miller explains the basics of FAMACHA, a technique for measuring small ruminants’ level of barber pole worms. He also demonstrates the technique and walks you through the process of learning it. See here.

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