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Is cottonseed meal a good supplemental feed for sheep and goats?

R.B.TexasAnswer: Here are several resources that discuss feeding sheep and goats. These articles talk about basic feeding requirements, forages, and supplementation (including the value of cotton seed meal as a feed). One thing you should do is have your forages tested. This will let you know what your animals are getting and if they need additional supplementation. Your local Extension agent may be able to help you determine the proper feeding regimen for your animals. I have also included a couple of articles about grazing alfalfa. These articles discuss ways to prevent bloat. Resources:Luginbuhl, J.M., Poore, M., Mueller, J.P., & Green, J.T. n.d. Forage Needs and Grazing Management for Meat Goats in the Humid Southeast. North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service., F. & Pinkerton, B. n.d. Feeding Programs for Meat Goats., F. & Pinkerton, B. n.d. Supplemental Winter Feeding of Goats., F. & Pinkerton, B. n.d. Managing Forages for Meat Goats., P. 2002. Forage for goats., J.M., Green, J.T., Mueller, J.P., & Poore, M.H. n.d. Forage Needs for Meat Goats and Sheep., S. 1996. Feeding Sheep., M.H. & Green, J.T. n.d. Use of Alfalfa Pasture for Finishing Lambs.